Dodge Neon Essay Research Paper Since its

10 October 2017

Dodge Neon Essay, Research Paper

Since its debut to the consumer market in January of 1994, more than 1.5 million Dodge Neon sub-compact autos have been sold worldwide. The Neon competes with such autos as the Chevrolet Prizm, Ford Escort, Honda Civic, Mazda Prot? g? , and Nissan Sentra for attending from a certain market section. This section includes clients who buy goods and services for their ain usage, besides know as the consumer market. The Neon attracts prospective clients sing a new or different auto, and possibly current clients who already own a Dodge or Ne and are believing of purchasing another or exchanging trade names. Dodge strives to fulfill positive motivations for buying a merchandise, which is to have some kind of benefit or societal blessing.

The features of this peculiar section include the demand for satisfaction of Maslow? s physiological, safety and societal demands. The Neon does non carry through Maslow? s demand of self-actualization that luxury autos with many aesthetic and advanced characteristics provide.

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However, it does fulfill a physiological demand due to the fact that it is little and easy to steer, has good gas milage, and really low-cost compared to autos in its category. The Neon meets safety needs with its double airbags, kid safety locks, and anti-lock brake system. It besides fulfills societal demands due to its modern, ? cheeky manner? and clean handling. The Neon? s market uses behavior, demographic and psychographic cleavage to find its client market base, and works to pull younger purchasers with a limited income, which will be discussed in item within the consumer analysis subdivision. There are no geographic or seasonal restrictions to the Neon? s market due to its basic characteristics, nevertheless gross revenues may be lower in cragged countries which require autos with larger engines to mount steep slopes with small trouble. The Neon is seeking

to interrupt into the public presentation market with its new construct Neon SRT, whose success will non be determined for a few old ages.

Market gross revenues of the Neon have been diminishing since 1996, but are still one of the highest of its market category. Harmonizing to Automotive News Market Data, the Dodge Neon was ranked # 6 by gross revenues in 1996 with 139,831 units, # 6 in 1997 with 121,854 units, and # 5 in 1998 with 117,964 units. Besides in 1998, the Neon was ranked # 18 in unit gross revenues among all auto trade names. Despite the high gross revenues among other little autos, the Neon? s gross revenues per centums are diminishing. Harmonizing to Christopher Cedergren in? The Small-Car Wars Are Back, ? the? overall little auto market is shriveling? due to the increased truck and athletics public-service corporation vehicle demand, every bit good as an addition in foreign auto quality. While all US little auto gross revenues have been diminishing, Nipponese little auto gross revenues have been increasing since 1997, making even more competition and danger of low market gross revenues for the Dodge Neon.

The Neon has passed the debut and growing phase and is now within the adulthood phase, which is characteristic of market impregnation, a lessening in figure of clients, and a strong advertisement focal point on distinction. There are many little auto rivals of the Neon, and Dodge is concentrating on selective demand and distinguishing its merchandise line, hence the latest slogan? Dodge Different. ? They are seeking to come in into early life rhythm phases utilizing Neon? s name and basic characteristics, but with more attractive distinction, such as more HP, supercharge, and rushing tyres. My estimation is that market growing of the Neon will go on in the adulthood phase for a long clip, followed by market diminution. My estimation for future gross revenues of the Neon is a per centum lessening in unit gross revenues equal to or greater than the present lessening, due to the intense competition from other autos in its category.

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