1 January 2018

Lexis’s passion for reading became one of the most influential aspects of his life just as Dodgers baseball has become in mine. The same determination, strength, life lessons, morals and values that Alexei claims to have gained from reading, are ones have personally gained from my experience as a Dodger fan. In Lexis’s Story he explains how his passion for books defined him as a person, while at the same time at the same time lead to his defiance of the norm. Alexei states, ” A smart Indian is a dangerous person, widely feared and ridiculed by Indians and non-landings alike”(29).According to the authors experience his people arena seen as intelligent as non-landings, but rather hey are “expected to be because they are viewed as inferior. Most Indian children accepted and followed their predetermined rolls as Indian children who “could remember how to sing a few dozen powwow songs”(29), yet “struggled with basic reading in Alexei wanted to be unique and he Banquets 2 accomplished that through reading.

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Even when he was looked down upon for excelling past the expected norm he continued to indulge in his passion for reading.Alexei learned to read through the Superman comic which was the stepping stone to him finding adding hunger to defy standards and become successful writer. ” ; refused to fail. Was smart. I was arrogant. I was lucky'(30). As someone who rarely shows emotion, one of the most emotional moments I my life was when I found myself tearing up after the Dodgers were eliminated from entering the playoffs.

Within seconds I saw myself questioning why I displayed so much empathy towards this team and their misfortune when they show nothing in return.I then realized that had gained more from this team of strangers then my own friends. Sitting in the living room watching Dodger games with my felt like I was fighting a battle with the. The battles would happen daily through through every upside and low like when we lost against our rivals, the San Francisco Giants and just couldn’t get over that lost. Bad days for me would be when the Dodgers lose, my mind telling me why am I so emotionally into this team. You couldn’t get away with saying a negative thing about them if I was around, since I’m a legit Dodger fan who knows close to all our past.The whole season’s frustration was let out that night, the night we weren’t headed towards the playoffs.

I asked myself why do let this team make me like this? The Dodgers have come a part of my daily life and even though last season wasn’t what I expected I found the positive as our next season we would make it all up. This year we will be headed towards the playoffs as the Dodgers are looking to go after the ring. Banquets 3 Alexei states that his “father, who is one of the few Indians who went to Catholic school on purpose, was an avid reader”(28). Like Lexis’s father, my father was one in a few.He was one of the only Dodger fans in my community, and a passionate one at that. As a kid I always wondered why they were of such importance to him. As I grew up, finally understood; it was hen that I discovered their important to me.

Alexei mentions, “l look at the narrative above the picture. Cannot read the words and say, ‘Superman is breaking down the door. ‘ Words, dialogue, also float out of Superman’s Alexei taught himself how to read by looking at comic pictures, dialogue, and imputing his own dialogue based on what he saw in the pictures, while also learning the importance of self-confidence.I gained self- confidence all by being a Dodgers fan and watching their players play. There was one player in particular, my favorite: Matt Kemp. Kemp has always had all he talent in the world to become one of best ball players in the game, but didn’t know how to put it all together to reach that status. As the famous athlete Tim Taboo says,”Hard work beats talent when talent isn’t working” after all his hard work Kemp became one of the most feared ball players in the MIL.

Like Kemp, Alexei worked hard to achieve his goal of being successful. He strives to continue to read and not be like most of the other Indian kids who struggled to read because they put their priorities. All those kids clearly had the potential to be better readers, but they weren’t as passionate about it as Alexei. By watching Kemp grow with the Dodgers as a player, saw myself grow as a person becoming more self-confident with what I am capable of achieving and maximizing my abilities with hard work.One of the abilities I gained was the ability to confront issues as they presented themselves Banquets 4 rather than avoiding them. Hard work has made me stronger as a person, just as it’s made Kemp one of the best, and Alexei a successful Indian author. Everyone has a passion that they carry with themselves.

If it’s reading books, being a Dodger fan or even playing the guitar, having a passion is really worth t as it helps you through your difficulties and also gain determination, strength, life lessons, values and morals.

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