Does Age Matter in Relationships

1 January 2017

Age matters in relationships Age ain’t nothing but a number…” a famous lyric of a song made popular by singer Aaliyah. After all, is not age merely determined by the number of years we live on this Earth? How then can age be a determining factor in relationships? Our hands touched briefly as she handed me a glass of juice. That’s when I immediately felt the electricity in that simple gesture.

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It did not matter to me that her hands were wrinkled or that she had “laughter lines” around her mouth or that she had “crow’s feet” around her eyes. The only thing that mattered was that there was an undeniable chemistry between us. It did not matter what her bank balance was, or that she was fifteen years older than me. All that mattered was that we both felt that warm, fuzzy feeling. Now some twelve years later, we still feel the same way about each other. Many may argue that with age comes maturity.

I beg to differ. Maturity is taught by life’s experiences. Many men and women learn form events in their lives. Events from their childhood may shape their outlook on marriage and relationships. They carry the lessons from these experiences into their adult years. When getting into a relationship, there are several determining factors to consider, like: religious beliefs, common hobbies, families being compatible, disciplining the children, etc; age is but a trivial matter.

Why then is age such a huge deal in our society? Must we conform to society’s norms? Or do we stay true to ourselves and our feelings? Feelings remain rock solid, whilst society’s norms fade fast. Some women tend to favour older men, only because they have financial status. These men do not necessarily mature emotionally. Does this make the relationship socially acceptable? There is no appropriate age when we feel strongly about another individual. “Age does not matter in love. ”

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