Does God Exist Essay Research Paper Sean

10 October 2017

Does God Exist? Essay, Research Paper

Does God Exist Essay Research Paper Sean Essay Example

Sean Johnson


Who is God?

A startling inquiry that most people will reply yes to is: Does God be? John websters

Dictionary ( Webster & # 8217 ; s p. 412 ) defines God as the supreme being, seen as the omnipotent

Godhead and swayer of the existence. Whereas a theologist describes him as God is the space

and perfect spirit in whom all things have their beginning, support, and terminal. ( Thiessen p. 55 )

Whatever the instance the statistics from Multipoll CGI on the cyberspace show that 86 per centum

believe that God exists. Probably half or more of that really attend a church or seek

after God. Upon farther probe there are really many grounds to believe in God.

From the get downing adult male has ever had intuition or a feeling of already cognizing

certain things. & # 8220 ; The jurisprudence has been written on the Black Marias of all so that they may acknowledge a

greater power that is God, & # 8221 ; says Pastor Chan of Cornerstone Community Church. & # 8220 ; God

has given everyone the intuition of cognizing his presence, and the feeling of right and

incorrect or moral law. & # 8221 ; One writer of Introductory Lectures in Systematic Theology says,

& # 8220 ; The belief in the being of God is besides necessary. It is necessary in the sense that we

can non deny his being without making force to the really Torahs of our nature. If we do

deny it, the denial is forced and can merely be impermanent & # 8221 ; ( Thiessen pg. 56 ) . Analyzing this

statement one fact stands out. If there is no God how could Torahs of right and incorrect be

made? If development did go on and human life began to organize all around the universe, how

would they cognize right from incorrect? Or more significantly, why is at that place a right from

incorrect? While people were still & # 8220 ; germinating, & # 8221 ; why did they non eat or kill each other? It was

non incorrect since there is no right or incorrect. Did some worlds get together in a room after

they had evolved and ballot on what should be right and what should be incorrect? Of class

non! That would be chaos because no 1 would hold, and the list would be really long

even if they did do the regulations. And even if such a eccentric list did go on, how would

these Torahs be already written on a kid & # 8217 ; s bosom the blink of an eye that it is born?

If worlds & # 8220 ; evolved & # 8221 ; from and are animate beings why do animate beings non hold a moral jurisprudence,

but worlds do? For illustration, if person has a Canis familiaris and says, & # 8220 ; Bad Dog! & # 8221 ; when it does

something that individual does non wish, the Canis familiaris learns by the tone of your voice to huddle and

fell like he has done something bad. Still the animate being will make the bad thing. Why?

Because it has no guilt or compunction for what it has done, and it does non cognize right from

incorrect. Now there are people that do bad things without any guilt or compunction apparently,

but the bottom line is that people have some kind of witting that animate beings do non hold.

Worlds hence can non hold evolved from animate beings because animate beings have no moral jurisprudence

and ground like worlds have. Even further, if all mankind evolved from animate beings how

come there are no more developments taking topographic point? A scientist could blow all of his breath

reasoning that the universe of the swamp gas that reflected off of Venus affected the Earth & # 8217 ; s

Moon which slowed the evolutionary procedure on Earth down, but without any ounce of

cogent evidence it is more logical and takes surprisingly less faith to believe in God than to believe

in some whacked out theory that development merely & # 8220 ; happened & # 8221 ; ( Dr. Zustiak, Chromey

pgs.11-12 ) .

Furthermore, even if every homo was made from a random gibberish of atoms,

why should at that place be a concern of scruples within life? Everyone lives in a universe of

everyone else & # 8217 ; s sentiment harmonizing to development. If there is no set regulations of life and the lone

regulation is survival, so what does it count if person bombs a featuring event? Or who

attentions if some cat wants to run around bare shriek & # 8220 ; I hate Indians & # 8221 ; , while making

drugs and keeping an adult magazine as he mows people down with an uzi ( any

relation to

existent life events is strictly coinciding ) ? Truly the universe of development should be

pandemonium if there is no right and incorrect. If development is true so why is the universe non as

helter-skelter as it should be today? It is because there is a right and a incorrect that people can

identify with, and God has set what is good and bad on the Black Marias of everyone in the


One thing that stands out whether person believes in God or non is the thought that

something comes from something. This is otherwise known as the Law of causality ( Dr.

Zustiak, Chromey pgs. 8-10 ) . Everything has a cause, and most people would hold that

something does non come from nil. An evolutionist would reason, nevertheless, that in a

existence of & # 8220 ; opportunity & # 8221 ; , if given adequate clip anything is possible. And so these same

scientists call themselves logical! How can atoms and molecules form if they do non even

exist! For illustration if worlds could populate 500 billion old ages, and allow & # 8217 ; s say one homo

decided to wait for a pizza to germinate because he was hungry. No logic can reason that

given adequate clip and opportunities that the pizza would as if by magic look one twenty-four hours, merely like


Another statement like this is the Teleological statement. This states that

everything non merely has a cause, but a specific design. Here is a good illustration to clear up

this idea. A book did non merely start into being with all the letters randomly coming

together to organize the right sentences and construction. Rather person put clip into making

it, and gave the book its construction. God has done the same thing with his creative activity. He

painted this universe precisely how he wanted it. For case one true fact about the planet

Earth is that it rotates at 1,000 stat mis an hr ( Dr. Zustiak, Chromey pgs. 12 ) . If it rotated

at merely 100 stat mis per hr all life would stop dead during the darks, and fire up during the

yearss. If God did non make the particulars in the really human bosom, lungs, venas, encephalon, and

everything else there would be chaos. Therefore a design must hold a interior decorator that has

made it precisely how he wants it.

The same thought can be shown pathetic in development. Evolution states that

something did in fact come from nil. The thought of development is merely every bit absurd as the

book coming into being. Even if the universe was created by some & # 8220 ; large knock & # 8221 ; , person

had to make that large knock. When has order of all time arose from pandemonium? Never! Why should it

go on when the Earth was formed so? If a nurseryman does non be given his garden will it

be given itself? Will the workss survive if there is no Sun? Or will order come from such

pandemonium, and something will come from nil? Believing in development and non God says

& # 8220 ; yes & # 8221 ; to these inquiries. How can that be scientific? The really first scientific jurisprudence of

Thermodynamicss provinces that something can non come from nil. Why are the regulations non

applied for development or any other theory?

However, the contrary can be slightly stated about God. Where did God come

from so? The basic issue comes down to people believing in ageless affair, or an

ageless being. Opportunities are drastically in favour of that because, in the particular, intricate

design of the full existence, there is an entity of power that made it and non a random

go oning of affair. Peoples can reason themselves bluish in the face, but still in their Black Marias

can non truly deny that there is no God. If God himself came down from heaven right now

and asked who will come with him, there would non be a individual around ( or really few )

who would remain and non travel. One might reason, & # 8220 ; why does non God do that so? & # 8221 ; . But

what does God owe anyone? And who are people to oppugn their ain Godhead? If one

spends clip doing a toy truck, of what importance and right has the truck to state, & # 8220 ; Make

this or that! & # 8221 ; ? The Godhead of the truck could easy destruct it and do another 1. That

is precisely how everyone is to this immense God. So the existent inquiry is: Does God be for



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