Does God Exist Essay Research Paper Where

8 August 2017

Does God Exist? Essay, Research Paper

Where is God? The inquiry does God exist is the 1 that most probably comes up in the heads of people when catastrophe work stoppages or calamity occurs. Why would he allow the creative activity he most dearly loves suffer so greatly? I am traveling to seek to reply this inquiry every bit hard as it may look to some people. God does be and is with us in everything we do in our lives. There are two possible ways that we can see God in our lives. He either exists outside the head, or he does non. There is no other option. You can non state & # 8220 ; possibly & # 8221 ; or & # 8220 ; kind of. & # 8221 ; With the inquiry of God & # 8217 ; s being there is merely a black and white country, no grey affair exists. As Catholics we are theists, we now that God exists through our religion in him. We outweigh all the statements to the contrary and are lead to a definite pick that God is with us today. Atheists rest their claims on the fact that an about infinite series of accidents is sufficient to explicate the being of the existence and an intelligent humanity. Some beliefs are based on ground. However there is important grounds that God can be experienced in our lives. He intervenes when we hard determinations in our lives, he is besides seeking to allow us see the & # 8220 ; light. & # 8221 ; No 1 has of all time seen God, but through religion in him we believe one twenty-four hours we will be united with Him and the Holy Spirit. There are many statements from atheists that God allows enduring in the universe and he does non care

about people. They are really mislead, no 1 has a intent for human agony. God does non do agony ; it is non because of him enduring occurs. It has to make with the evil human nature of some people. The ground for enduring trades with natural causes that occurs. God can non command our lives because so we would be nil more than manus marionettes. God did non desire to make marionettes ; he created worlds to hold the freedom to take and the freedom to populate.

There is no existent & # 8220 ; proof & # 8221 ; of the specific nature of God. We are non concerned with his visual aspect or age. We are seeking grounds about the entity who underlies all those varied perceptual experiences of him. There are two different facets to that hunt, his function in nature and his intents. Everyone is looking for replies on who, what, where, how, and why. Why must person endure? Why did he decease at 18? If God did non be these inquiry can be answered really merely & # 8220 ; Thingss happen because that is the manner they are. & # 8221 ; God does care about his people, he does non make us to endure and wither. He cares about his creative activities, nevertheless he can non command the lives of other people. God can non strike down an evil individual. God tries to perforate his love into that individual and allow him see the visible radiation. God tries all the clip to convey good into others, whether other people receive it is another narrative. He can non enforce things on others ; he can merely seek to state people the good until they eventually listen.

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