Does Heavy Metal Cause Teen Violence?

4 April 2018

For instance, Flagmen states that abuse of drugs and/or alcohol contributes to teen violence. Violence among teens often stems from actions taken while intoxicated as well as crimes committed to obtain drug and/or alcohol.

Another possibility is teens afflicted with mental issues. Metal health issues and conditions often show an inclination for violent behavior. Flagmen also states that teens living in unstable environments in which parents are neglectful and/or abusive tend to CT out violently due to first hand exposure to violence and/or neglect.And as in most cases some teens are motivated to participate in reckless and violent behavior as a result of peer pressure. They feel the need to fit in do to whatever reason and as such act out to look “cool”. Also, and this is possibly the most surprising reason of all, many teens that tend to do poor scholastically are more likely to behave violently in and outside of school. They feel undermined, even “stupid” and as such tend to act out as a way to gain acknowledgment (Flagmen).

Does Heavy Metal Cause Teen Violence? Essay Example

While Flagman’s research depicts teen lenience to be at an all-time high research done by the FBI from 1 990 through 2007 has shown that rates of serious violence amongst youths under the age 18 has plunged by 49%, including unprecedented declines in murder (down 66%), rape (down 52%), robbery (down 32%), and serious assault (down 28%) (FBI). Furthermore, large-scale surveys such as Monitoring the Future and The American Freshman have found students today reporting higher levels of happiness, optimism, leadership Interest, and volunteerism and lower rates of smoking drinking, depression, dropout, and materialism.And if that’s not enough to blow you away, the youngest teens showed the biggest improvements. So what causes teen violence? Is the media to blame? Is it drugs, metal health issues, neglect, peer pressure, or even bad grades? There may never be a satisfactory answer, but as far as metal is concerned, sociologist Donna Gaines had this to say, “For young people, its a place to belong where you can experience other possibilities and transcend everyday life in a very glorious way… Is heavy metal a sacrament? For some people, it is.

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