Does modern technology make life more convenient? Or was life better when technology was simpler?

8 August 2016

?Does modern technology make life more convenient? Or was life better when technology was simpler? Today, we are living in those times where nearly everything we want to do is just a machine away, all thanks to the update of technology. However, the question arises that is the replacement of modern technology taking away skilled manpower from us? Modern technology when on one hand enables us to simplify our jobs; on the other hand it turns out to be harmful for us too.

It is agreeable that modern technology has made us time and energy efficient today, fulfilling many of our wishes. Take for instance a smart phone, it can do wonders for us, any information we need is just a click away. Moreover, the advancement in technology has made it easy to reach out to anyone around the globe. Not only are businesses becoming easier but it has also become beneficial on the personal front. Applications like Skype have made it easy to video chat with your loved ones living far away from you.

Does modern technology make life more convenient? Or was life better when technology was simpler? Essay Example

You wish to go to a foreign country; airplanes will take you to your destination in less time while in the olden days people would have to travel in animal carts for days and days or maybe considered it to be impossible. Not just this but the modernization in technology has made education easier; you can get an online degree and make use of modern technology in your class rooms. Other than that, we are now able to connect with our old friends through websites like Facebook and Twitter and get updates of our friends and relatives regularly with the help of social networking websites.

Most importantly, medical science has improved tremendously; doctors now have access to modern instruments in hospitals which minimize human error. Thus, modern technology is seen to be growing each day. We know that the improvisation in technology has proved to very advantageous to us but has anyone paid attention to the problems it has caused today? No wonder technology has made doing work easier for us but like everything it comes with a cost; the cost of our health, emotions, competency, relations and destruction.

Yes, we are able to do our work in lesser time than we imagine but it is taking away our independency. We have become so dependent on technology today that we eat processed and frozen food, we cook them instantly, we entertain ourselves watching TV most of the day, and we are so busy using the internet that we have forgotten to watch our weight that eventually ruins her health by making us obese. Moreover, we have buried our heads into our wondrous smart phones so much that when we meet each other, all we do is hardly talk.

Although technology has made the world small, it has also made us humans less emotional. Yes, the update in technology has taken away time for our loved ones, it has made our hearts cold and unemotional. Other than that, it has taken away jobs as people are now replaced by machines that can do their jobs. They say that modern technology lets you access everything on the web but it should also be known that it has taken away our competency. So much that we find it hard to think out of the box and we need calculators for even a little math problem.

Although modern technology has made life convenient for us in many ways, it has taken away the simplicity of our lives and made it complex. Yes today we are able to make the impossible things possible but they sure are coming with their own cost. Therefore, it isn’t justified to banish the usage of modern technology completely but it has become essential for us to learn the lesson of moderation well so we are able to balance our lives and gain profit from this advancement.

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