Does Socrates oppose the principle of majority rule?

1 January 2018

Socrates does not support the majority rule for a few different reasons. Socrates saw politics as a waste of time and did not understand its purpose. Politics were just in the way for Socrates because he believed learning to reason more carefully and more modestly was more important. He believed that the majority rule was corrupt and unjust as cited in the text. Others had a different perspective and believed that politics were the utmost importance and if that person did not use their political power that they are useless to society.

Would you have condemned Socrates?
I would not have condemned Socrates because of the many good points he brings up in the apology when Socrates defends himself. Socrates first explains that it is his duty to question people with the power to be able to expose anything they say that might be wrong or corrupt. Socrates then talked about how some of his teachings may be annoying and frustrating to some but to others it causes productivity and the ability to make sure Athens does not state content with itself. Socrates is not a bad person and should be condemned to death for this.

Why is it a point of honor with Socrates that he was never compensated for his teaching?
Socrates was never compensated for his words of wisdom and teachings which made him poor. Socrates cared more about the people then being compensated which separated himself from the sophists. While they lived a fancy life because they were compensated, he believed these people would get complacent with their jobs and duties. Socrates believed that pursuing money and riches were a useless goal but enjoyed giving the youth wisdom and for them to use this wisdom for years to come. Socrates was too honorable to attain personal property and wealth.

Why does Socrates’ search for the truth hurt others and condemn him?
Socrates was not very well liked and deservingly so. Socrates walked around Athens and questioned anybody, even if they had power or not. Of course, the people with power disliked this and epically if he was able to prove them wrong. Socrates created many enemies for himself. His way of teaching was something people have not seen and were very irregular. He believed that in questioning someone that this person would search for the knowledge to be able to answer that question next time.

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