Does Voting Make Sense Essay Research Paper

9 September 2017

Does Voting Make Sense Essay, Research Paper

To be an American agencies that certain rights are guaranteed by the authorities, but these rights comes with certain responsibilities. The first responsibility as an American citizen is non to function in the armed forces ; it is non to pay revenue enhancements. The first responsibility as an American is to acquire out at that place and sway the ballot. Although the ability to vote is what separates America from other states, many people choose non to carry through their responsibilities and give up their right to vote. Even though vote is a great right and should ne’er be forsaken, in today & # 8217 ; s universe it may non be necessary or good to vote. Peoples choose non to vote because of apathy, the political system, and the pure statistics of vote. Vote in America today is merely non of import.

In America today many citizens feel that they can non do a difference in our political system. Particularly in larger elections where prominent functionaries are elected, single citizens think that their one ballot can non alter anything. Opportunities are better that one single ballot will hold a greater affect on smaller elections instead than larger 1s. However, people are more likely uninformed about local issue. Smaller elections do non have the degree of media that other larger elections get. It is dry that people choose non to vote in elections that they have the most influence in. As clip goes on more and more people become stolid towards voting and make up one’s mind non to vote.

America & # 8217 ; s perceptual experience that their ballot does non count may be an accurate 1. The manner that the American political system is designed, the winning side will take the office and the losing side is out of fortune. In America we pattern a political system called a individual member territory. Unlike other states, our state is divided up into territories where the victor takes all, and the losing side ends up with nil. For Americans this construct all boils down to the fact that if a elector is on a losing side, it would be pointless to acquire out at that place and

stone the ballot. When their side loses, ballots from anybody that choose that side are wasted. Another mistake of the American political system is the programming of elections. As it turns out, Election Day ever falls on a Tuesday. Tuesday for most Americans, is a on the job twenty-four hours. It is non convenient for people to take clip out of their busy yearss to travel ballot. In other European states, election yearss normally fall on the weekends or they hold particular election vacations. If this were the instance in American, there would be a great addition in elector turnout.

To drive to the polls and spend an hr at the booths has a great chance cost. During that clip, people could be doing money, disbursement clip with a friend or household, or catching up on some much-needed slumber. Voting is non straight compensated, and may keep no value to ordinary citizens. Since there is no reimbursement for the clip and attempt spent vote, it is non deserving it to vote. Statisticss show that the opportunities of an single ballot impacting a presidential election is 1 in 1,000,000,000,000. In other words one single ballot does non do a difference. There is a greater opportunity of acquiring in a fatal auto clang on the manner to the polls, than doing a difference in a presidential election. Why take such a great hazard for something so fiddling? In people & # 8217 ; s heads, before they go out to vote, there are costs and benefits that they have to weigh out.

The Numberss are at that place to turn out that voting doesn & # 8217 ; Ts make sense. The remainder of the state is non concerned if one-man ballots or non. Voting today is non the same as it was in colonial times. In today & # 8217 ; s universe an single ballot is nonmeaningful. Once all the net incomes are weighed against the costs, it makes more sense for an American citizen to give up their right to vote. So why do Americans still travel out at that place and sway the ballot? It is something about being American, or is it an old usage that merely hasn & # 8217 ; t gone off yet? The reply to this inquiry may give us an penetration onto the true significance of democracy.

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