Does You Inspire You by Chairlift

“I grabbed some frozen strawberries so I could ice your bruising knees/ But frozen things they all/ unfreeze and now I taste like/ All those frozen strawberries I used to chill your bruising knees,/ Hot July ain’t good to me/ I’m pink and black and blue.”

Proving themselves time and again, Chairlift’s new album, Does You Inspire You, is yet another successful accomplishment in the band’s favor. The thirteen-track album is overflowing with the mesmerizing hum of the Aaron Pfenning’s soothing synthesizer and the rollercoaster melodies belted out by lead singer, Caroline Polachek. The trio’s new lyrics could not possibly disappoint the band’s fans with ironic, almost biting, lines such as: “… I found out where you’re sent/ When you’re sick and sad and old/ They kick you off of planet health/ Into a universe of cold.”

Caroline Polachek, Aaron Pfenning and Patrick Wimberly created Chairlift in order to make live music for Haunted Houses in Colorado and their unique history has had a profound effect on their newer, distinctive sounds found in Does You Inspire You. The group now tours around the world.

Caroline Polachek – Vocals and Keyboards
Aaron Pfenning – Guitar, Synthesizers and Vocals
Patrick Wimberly – Keyboards and Drums

Learn more about Chairlift on their Myspace:

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