Doll House Essay Research Paper Helmer is

10 October 2017

Doll House Essay, Research Paper

Helmer is a successful bank attorney in the play? A Doll House? written by Henrik Ibsen. His married woman? s name is Nora. She is a homemaker with three kids and gets help raising them from her amah Helen. Nora and Helmer are both busy people within their lives. Small do they cognize that their matrimony is non safe due to the fact that it is non given first precedence in the lives they led. The action takes topographic point in their place. Helmer is really protective when it comes to the household image that is portrayed to the populace. This is because his calling, as a attorney, depends on it. He feels that he should hold a perfect public image for the interest of his calling and non his household, since that is what comes foremost in his life. This is seen when he discovers a missive from a bank that his married woman, Nora, gets a loan from.

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He finds out that the loan was acquired illicitly through counterfeit. She uses her male parent? s signature. Helmer instantly strips her of all her rights to him as his married woman and to the kids as their female parent. He does non inquire for divorce since this will non be a good public image for his calling, alternatively he asks her to hold a separate room from his and limits her clip with the kids. Helmer is the regulation shaper of his house. He meticulously gives inside informations on how he wants his house tally. He has set clip for everything, when the repasts are prepared, when the kids should travel to kip, when they should wake up, what to eat, when to look into the mail etc. This is likely the ground why he is successful in his calling. He is once more seting his calling as first precedence and uses the principal that he applies to it in the household. Helmer has an office in the house of with he gives limited entrees to his married woman, Nora. He treats her as if she was one of his kids alternatively of? his married woman? . He entertains his official friends in the office in closed-door Sessionss and normally doesn? T fill in his married woman on his concern. Career comes foremost for Hemler. The key to the letter box is in the custodies of Hemler. It looks like he does non take his married woman as an equal by non giving her a trim key. He wants to be the first one to manage all the mail, scans the letters in the box and so distributes them to the appropriate people. His married woman once more is placed 2nd to his concern. Nora, Helmer? s married woman is besides really prote

ctive when it comes how her husband views her. I see this when she hides the fact that she is having chocolate, which is forbidden in the household. She would rather let Dr. Rank, a family friend, know about the chocolate and not her husband. The doctor actually helps her to hide the package when Helmer walks into the living room. She also puts him in second place in her life. Nora also tells her friend Mrs. Linde about the money that she squeezes out of her house hold budget to pay for the loan she took from the bank. She does not tell her husband about the loan because she knows how he will react towards her and the issue. She protects herself instead of their relationship, putting their marriage in second place. The family friend doctor tells Nora how he has been in love with her for a long time. She reacts negatively letting Dr. Rank know that she will not tolerate his behavior. She keeps it from her husband since she wants to maintain an innocent view from him. The hiding of such issues from Helmer is first priority instead of her marriage. Nora is caught red-handed lying about the visit of Nis Krogstad, the banker. Nis is responsible for the Nora?s loan. Helmer asks about the banker?s visit and she denies the fact that he had come the their house. She is constantly lying just to save herself from changing her husbands view towards her. The blow to their marriage happens when Helmer discovers that his wife forged a bank document to get a loan. He gets angry and strips her of all her motherly and wife rights. Another letter shows up and clears them form the forgary He changes immediately and reinstats Nora back to her postion in their home. This clearly shows that he loves his career more than anything else. Nora on the other hand expects her husband to show her a sacrificial love and take the blame for the forgary. At the end of the drama Helmer and Nora end up living separtae lives. They have both contributed to their marriage?s downfall. Nora with her obsetion of wanting to always please her husband by using pretence, lies, undermining strategies and fear and Helmer with the love for his career, hunger for power, control and his fear of un unplesant public image help to destroy one another. The most perfect family is no more since Nora loved herself excesivly and Helmer loved his career extremly.

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