Domestic Disarmament by Ruth Rosen

4 April 2015
A review of the essay “Domestic Disarmament” by Ruth Rosen in which she associates the issue of gun control with feminist concerns.

This paper documents Ruth Rosen’s belief that guns, instead of securing women’s safety, create an atmosphere of violence and fear. It discusses her crusade through her book to persuade her readers that gun control is a women’s issue and women should be more concerned about curbing gun violence in their communities.
Ruth Rosen has no formal authority on the issue of gun control. What does, however, make her an expert for the purposes of her essay is her connection with Betty Friedan, the first president of the National Organization for Women. That she was invited by Friedan to the conference addressing gun violence specifically as a women’s issue, the audience imagines Rosen to be a close associate of the esteemed Friedan.

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