Domestic Violence And Marriage Essay Research Paper

Domestic Violence And Marriage Essay, Research Paper

Marriage and Domestic Violence

Family force has existed since the construct of the household unit. Women for 100s of old ages were viewed as less than human, belongings, in topographic point to function at the pleasance of their hubby. Woman who grew up in places where their female parents were beaten or hit recognized it as their function as married woman and most frequently married work forces who besides abused them. Womans in the early 19 100s believed that being abused or used as a punching bag was merely one of their responsibilities as a married woman. Many adult females believed that they deserved to be hit, they did something incorrect and they needed physical penalty. Work force who grew up in places where their male parents beat their female parents continued the maltreatment in their ain matrimonies and in most instances besides abused their kids.

The history of spousal maltreatment dates back 100s of old ages and has merely late been recognized as a serious job. There are many grounds why work forces abuse their married womans and why married womans allow themselves to be abused. One lending factor among work forces in domestic force instances is alcohol and/or substance maltreatment. A adult male may come place from work after halting at the saloon for a few drinks and think that the house is non clean plenty or the childs are excessively loud, his lone solution in his bibulous stooper is to crush his married woman.

Womans who may hold grown up in this type of environment, marry into it and accept it from their ain hubbies. They believe that it s their hubby s manner of demoing he loves them. Womans such as these suffer from low self-prides, no occupation, and no friends. Up until late, the descriptions above were socially accepted as the adult male s manner of maintaining his married woman in line.

Today, with adult females s freshly found independency, higher instruction and employment chances ; domestic maltreatment has decreased dramatically because it is non considered socially acceptable. Womans are encouraged to talk out and describe domestic assault. There are support groups in topographic point, advocators against domestic force and even safe oasiss for beat-up adult females and their kids.


lthough domestic maltreatment has decreased dramatically in the past 20 old ages, instances of domestic maltreatment have become more serious. When work forces do crush their married womans today and the married womans collect adequate bravery to go forth, the terminal consequence on occasion is much worse than the whipping. Murder or slaying self-destruction has become more common today in instances where adult females leave opprobrious relationships. O.J. Simpson who had a history of crushing his married woman Nicole ended up slaying her when he discovered her with another adult male after they divorced. The opinion in the O.J. instance sent domestic maltreatment back 20 old ages for abused adult females ( and yes, he was guilty! ) .

Police historically took small or no action against the adult male when called to domestic statements by adult females being abused. One instance in specific, which took topographic point in Connecticut, involved a adult female who left her hubby because of maltreatment. The hubby continued to stalk her and sit exterior of her house, she called the constabulary about daily to the point where they didn t even respond to her calls, it was a gag. One-day she called and told the constabulary he came to her house and was traveling to kill her, they ignored her call and he ended up knifing her to decease. This instance and instances similar, which involved constabularies neglecting to step in, hold resulted in million-dollar cases against constabulary sections. Today, constabularies are required to take one or both parties from the scene when reacting to domestic force calls.

Last twelvemonth, a supervisor at the Office of Employee Services went into work, walked into his ex-girlfriends cell who besides worked at OBES, shot her in the caput and turned the gun on himself. Prior to her slaying, she went through the proper channels to describe the torment to her supervisors and no action was taken.

Although the instances above may look extreme, the fact is that adult females frequently times have more to fear by go forthing an opprobrious relationship than staying in one. A strong support system and a program of protection are the most recommendable ways to go forth an opprobrious relationship. Despite the fact that maltreatment still occurs, adult females today have come a long manner as compared to 20 old ages ago.

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