Domino’s Sizzling With Pizza Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Q 1: What sort of system is described in this instance? Identify describe concern processes each supports. Describe the inputs. procedure and end product of these systems. Autonomic nervous system: ( a ) systems described in this instance are:

* Transaction processing system ( TPS )
* Pizza tracker
* Pulse
* Pulse development
( I ) : Thick client theoretical account
( two ) : Thin client theoretical account
* Online polling system
* Online ordination system

( B ) : Processes each system supports:
Pulsation: Domino’s proprietary point of sale system. Pulse gaining control purchase and payment informations at a physical location where goods or services are bought and sold utilizing computing machines. machine-controlled hard currency registry. scanners. or other digital devices. It besides perform other maps like. taking and custom-making orders. utilizing a touch screen interface. keeping gross revenues figure and roll uping clients information. PULSE EVOLUTION: Pulse Evolution is a new hardware and package platform a Domino released. Pulse Evolution on the older engineering in several ways. First the older package used a THICK CLIENT MODEL. which required all machines utilizing the package to be to the full equipped personal computing machine running Windowss.

Pulse Evolution on the other manus utilizations THIN CLIENT ARCHITECTURE in which web workstations with small independent treating power collect informations and direct them over the cyberspace to powerful Lenovo PC’s for treating. ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM: It besides includes pizza tracker. This system allows client to watch a fake photographic version of their pizza as they customize its size. sauce and topping. PIZZA TRACKER: Pizza tracker displays a horizontal saloon that tracks on orders progress diagrammatically. As a Domino’s shop completes each measure of the order fulfilment procedure. a subdivision of the saloon becomes a ruddy ONLINE POLLING System: Domino’s introduces an online polling system to continuously upload information from local shops. ( hundred ) : Pulsation:

Input signal:
* Computers
* Automated hard currency registry
* Scanner
* Digital devices
* Capturing purchases and payment informations
* Taking and custom-making orders

End product:
* Maintaining gross revenues figure
* Roll uping client information.
PULSE Development:
Input signal:
* PC’S
* Collecting informations
End product:
* Sending information over the cyberspace
Input signal:
* Pizza tracker displays a horizontal saloon that tracks on orders’ advancement diagrammatically. Procedure:
* Ordering
End product:
Bar becomes a ruddy after procedure has been completed.
Q2: How make these systems help Dominos better its concern public presentation? Autonomic nervous systems: Pulse in an of import plus in keeping consistent and efficient direction map in each of its eating house. It besides improved client service. reduced errors and shorter developing times increase client satisfaction. Pulse Evolution has made it easier to update and more secure. since there is merely use machine in the shop which needs to be upload. Through Pizza Tracker client that place their orders via telephone can supervise their advancement on the web utilizing pizza tracker. More. it saves clip of client. cut down cost. maintain client update about their orders and maintain shops up-to-date. Q3: How did online pizza telling system improves the procedure of telling a Domino pizza? Autonomic nervous systems: Online telling system besides includes pizza tracker. The system allows client to watch a fake photographic version of their pizza as they customize its size. sauce. and exceeding. The image alterations with each alteration a client makes.

Then. one time client topographic points an order. they are able to see its advancement online with pizza tracker. Q4: How effectual are these systems in giving Domino’s competitory border? Explain your reply? Autonomic nervous systems: Pizza hut and Papa john’s besides have on-line ordination capableness. but lack the Pizza Tracker and the fake pizza characteristics that Domino’s has successfully implemented. Domino’s pizza is seeking to get the better of their rivals. but still Domino experienced some opposition. There are some failings in their services as comparison to pizza hut and dad john’s. they have more huge and latest engineering to function their clients.

Automated hard currency registry
Digital devices


Maintain gross revenues figure
Workers /employees
Update client orders
Roll uping and directing
Roll uping client information informations over cyberspace

To better quality of pizza and make more value
Pulse development
Online polling system
Online telling system

Pizza tracker
Mobile phones

Q1: One consulting house has predicted that picture and Web conferencing will do concern travel extinct. Make you hold? Why? Or Why non? Autonomic nervous systems: I don’t agree with this confer withing house. Because from the instance. we see that. the planetary e- Sustainability Initiative and the clime Group estimated that up to 20 per centum of concern travel could be replaced by practical meeting engineering. So. without radical betterment of engineering concern travel can’t be nonextant.

Q2: What is the differentiation between videoconferencing and telepresence? Autonomic nervous systems: VIDEOCONFERENCING: It is a type of a picture conferencing held on a high definition crisp telecasting. It is among the latest engineerings of picture conferencing. It strives to do the participant feel as if they are present at the location of the meeting. It is a system that enables people in different parts of the universe to hold a meeting by watching and listening to each other utilizing picture screen at the same time. Videoconferencing provides two-way. synergistic sound and picture communications between two or more end points. TELEPRESENCE: The top- of –the line videoconferencing engineering is known as telepresence. Telepresence is the usage of computing machines to do it seems as if you are in a different topographic point. so that you can run machinery or take portion in meetings. Telepresence strives to do users experience as if they are really present in location different from their ain. Merely the handshaking and exchange of concern cards are losing. Q3: What are the ways in which videoconferencing provides value to a concern? Would you see it smart direction?

Explain your reply. Autonomic nervous systems: Videoconferencing figure excessively have an impact on the concern universe in other ways. every bit good. More employees may be able to work closer to place and equilibrate their work and personal lives more expeditiously ; traditionally office environment and corporate central office may shrivel or vanish ; and free-lances. contractors. and workers from other states will go a larger part of the planetary economic system. I consider it smart direction because it’s a really easy manner to run your concern in other states and metropoliss particularly for women’s and disable people. they can besides make concern without going. It saves clip and cost. Peoples who live abroad can speak to their loved 1s easy. Besides Small concerns that are fighting to remain in concern will non be able to profit from this engineering.

These types of organisations can outdo benefit from the societal media free or less expensive cyberspace working. For case Skype picture naming. Facebook picture naming. to call a few. Q4: If you were in charge of a little concern. would you take to implement videoconferencing? What factors will you see in your determination? Autonomic nervous systems: If I were in charge of a little concern. yes I will take to implement videoconferencing because it can play a critical function as a cardinal factor of successful concern in today’s age. as it will salvage my clip and cost. that money I can utilize in my concern to put in other engineerings. S being adult females it will be non much easy for me to go to other topographic points comfortably. so I can entree my concern. client and employees without traveling someplace else and I will be able to give proper clip to my place. MIS IN ACTION

Q1: List and depict its capablenesss for small- medium and big concern. How utile is WEBEX? How can it assist companies salvage clip and money? Autonomic nervous systems: Capabilities for little concern
• Installation and constellation
• Localization
• Call control characteristics
• Voicemail
• Music on clasp
• Telephone
• Video
• Conferencing
• Fax
• Networking
• Wireless
• Security
• Firewall
• Teleworkers
• Multi-site
• Management and coverage
• Serviceability
• Applications

Capabilities for medium concern
• Cisco Unified Personal Communicator voice mail integrating • Cisco Unity Connection Inbox web browser interface to voice messages • Desktop electronic mail client utilizing the constitutional View Mail for Outlook or View Mail for Notes participant • Visual voice mail on your Cisco Unified IP Phone

Capabilities for big concern
• Shorten the gross revenues rhythm
• Through networking seminars and merchandise launches get gross revenues leads
• Create excellent e-learning plan
• Solve proficient issues faster
• Improve cross-enterprise coaction

Q2: Compare WebEx picture capablenesss with the videoconferencing capablenesss described in this instance. Autonomic nervous system: WebEx and videoconference have tonss of same features ; they both can be used on on-line meeting. call off the bound for long distance and clip differences. so lead to salvage money and clip. However. WebEx have another advantages like you can utilize its note-taking. white embarkation. and note tools to tag papers. It can enter your meeting sound and picture and there’s no complicated package or care. Q3: Describe the stairss you would take to fix for a Web conference as opposed to a face-to-face conference.

Autonomic nervous system: If you start to utilize WebEx conference. all you have to make is to fix a desktop or laptop with cyberspace and chink to link the meeting. talk to them like you and your client are face to face. you even don’t have to see a papers with paper transcripts. you merely need to snap and travel the mouse. You besides can observe or tag even correct it instantly. You don’t necessitate to fix excessively much things or blow excessively much clip on a bantam concern instance. However. we have to fix tonss of pros and cons for face-to-face meeting. such as find a all right eating house or quiet topographic point. fix some nutrient and drink or something. and fix the hot transcripts related to the subject. and the employee should seek to be on clip. clear his encephalon. and he have to digest the jet slowdown. these grounds will besides consequence the consequence of the meeting.

Video screen
Mobile phones

To supply synergistic counsel. instruction. and training to assist little concerns grow

Online meeting
Sharing studies and information
Support staff

Web conference

Web conference

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