Don Quixote

4 April 2015
This is a book review of “Don Quixote,” which focuses on the liberation of the galley slaves.

This paper explores the literary work “Don Quixote,” focusing on the part of the plot which involves the liberation of galley slaves. The paper looks at Don Quixote’s motivations for setting the galley slaves free. It looks at the significance of the fact that one of the galley slaves is a writer, and how this fact affects the story. The symbolism found in the story is investigated and reasons are given for the book being one of the best books according to world’s top authors.
“Don Quixote is full of symbolism that the reader must try to comprehend as he/she reads the story. In the story of the setting the galley slaves free, Don Quixote can not quite understand why the mean are chained and being forced to go to where they do not want to go. Don Quixote can be compared to fiction and how many people believe everything they read or see on television. Why does Don Quixote set the galley slaves free? Why is it important that one of the Galley slaves is a writer? How does this affect the story? What symbolism can be found in the story? Why is Don Quixote one of the best books according to world’s top authors?”

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