Donald Queller’s The Fourth Crusade

4 April 2015
This paper analyzes Donald Queller’s `The Fourth Crusade` as a viable historical source.

This paper compares Donald Queller’s The Fourth Crusade to other contemporary books regarding the Fourth Crusade and contrasts between them.
In The Fourth Crusade, Donald E. Queller describes both the political and financial motives that led to the fourth crusade to Constantinople. Through heavy use of primary sources, the entire journey is told in a story-like fashion. Unfortunately, this story is not one without opinions. The Fourth Crusade is filled with Queller’s personal opinions about both the historical event and contemporary historians. While these can sometimes be distracting, they neither take away from the significance of this study nor alter the historical facts. Queller’s work, by all means, is one of the better historical studies of the events leading up to the sacking of Constantinople.

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