Donna Lewis – Now In A Minute

9 September 2019

Donna Lewis’ album, “Now in a Minute,” will be enjoyed by all music lovers, no matter what music they listen to. Many have heard her songs and don’t even realize it. Her debut song is “I Love You (Always Forever).”

Her songs create relaxation after a long and trying day. Her song, “Fall in the Snow,” makes a person think. It is mainly about being isolated and how being in freezing snow could never be as bad as silence.

For those who don’t like offensive language, this compact disc will not be a problem. Donna Lewis does not use any profanity or vulgar phrases that would cause a devaluation of opinions for her and her music.

None of her songs are just words jumbled together. Donna’s songs all have a story and a theme behind them, unlike other “great artists” of today.

Lewis’ songs are beautiful for a few reasons. The first is her perfect voice, especially the way she hits the high notes. She always knows the exact time to hit the high and low notes. Her lyrics are touching, especially in the song “Icing,” which is about how her loved one has gone to heaven. It states, “If I could open the heavens above, I’d be with you and hold you in my arms and I’d tell you that I love you.”

I think she has a love for song and melody unlike any other. Anyone who enjoys a calm melody to soothe the nerves should definitely listen to this album. I would rate it a 3.9 and acceptable for all ages.

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