dont be gone too long by Chris Brown

1 January 2020

Don’t be gone too long to know what did Chris Brown and Ariana Grande sing. the song is about a princess that is kept away because the evil king doesn’t like her dating a pesent. Don’t be gone too long was supposed to be delayed because of Chris going to jail for 30 days. Chris Brown had sang the song with Ariana for his seventh single to be released from Brown’s sixth studio album. The song is a pop duet sung by Chris brown and Ariana Grande. It is based in the medieval times. The whole point of the song is to show forbidden love and how they feel in the situation they are in.
So what was the whole point of the song? The song is to show how it feels to love someone and can’t be with that person, because you’re in a different radar.For an example if you were a princess and you love a peasant that works in your palace and your dad (the king) does not want you to be with him because he’s a peasant and your a royal,that is one of the most common forbidden love.”Don’t be gone too long…cause you won’t be there to love me when you’re gone…when you’re, when you’re…when you’re gone…golden leaves are dancing on the ground…it’s getting cold,cold…safe in time we’ll be forever young…never old,old…show me nothing behind me…all the wonder written on your face…was there inside me. The lines are showing them giving examples of how they are expressing their way on how much they miss each other.
Don’t be gone too long is one of my favorite songs because Ariana Grande is part of it. When I learned about the song I thought the medieval look of the song was perfect for the theme forbidden love. It could have been better if it was during our time period so we could have connected more.
Don’t be gone too long is a pop duet sung by Chris Brown and Ariana Grande. The song is based inthe medieval times, and the point is to show forbidden love and what it’s like to experience it. If I could not be with the love of my life I would have been in an act that’s not like me because I have lost something I had never had before. So can lifes hardest be seen in a song?

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