Don't Panic by All Time Low

9 September 2019

Maryland-born group All Time Low returns with Don’t Panic, their sixth and best album yet, once again under Hopeless Records. With a variety of dynamic sounds and different leads, this collection is something that ATL fans don’t want to miss. Lead vocalist Alex Gaskarth has a bit of a new sound; he’s dropped the “teen” out of the songs and adds some mellower and more mature tunes and themes. Fans will especially love “The Irony of Choking On a Lifesaver”; Jack Barakat and Zachary Merrick most certainly do not fail to add the verve and upbeat-punk sound as the bassists and guitarist (plus backup vocalists) of the band.

If you’re looking for a mixture of punk-pop and rock minus the ear-splitting screams, Don’t Panic is the way to go. This album finds a great balance between keeping their signature punk/emo-inflicted rock sound without being overly hardcore or frighteningly loud.

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Overall, Don’t Panic is All Time Low’s best work yet and should not be overlooked.

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