Don’t Say a Word

4 April 2015
The following essay critically analyzes the film, Don’t Say a Word paying particular attention to Michael Douglas’ role in the film.

This essay critically examines the film, “Don’t Say a Word, by looking at the contemporary notions of modern psychology used both as the focus of the film’s dramatic plot, and also in the way it plays out the themes of madness and sanity that run throughout the film.

From the paper:

In Don’t Say a Word, Michael Douglas portrays a New York psychiatrist. He has a beautiful, young, and innocent daughter. He also has a mad, beautiful, nearly catatonic patient. This mental patient resides in a locked ward. She does communicate occasionally, but not in any comprehensible, normal fashion. Instantly the theme between madness and sanity is set up between the two girls, one young and innocent, one young and unappealing. It also introduces the theme of catatonia relatively recent in the plot.

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