8 August 2019

Punk rock makes a smashing comeback with Green Day’s breakthrough album,”Dookie.” Punk rock was thought to be dead at long last, but Green Day bringsnewfound interest in the punk scene. Punk rock was popular back in the late ’70swhen kids were looking for a new type of music, a new type of rebellion toconservative society’s Disco.

Today critics might lump Green Day into thealternative scene but it’s just not the case. Green Day is a different kind ofband, a different kind of music. They like to categorize themselves with theSTPs, Pearl Jams and Nirvanas of the world but they are different. They are morein tune with the kids of the ’90s.

Most MTV viewers know songs like”Longview” and “Basket Case” but there are many other good songs such as “BurnOut,” “Welcome to Paradise,” “She,” and “When I Come Around.” Green Day alsoperformed a free concert on September 9th at the Hatch Shell in Boston. It was anexciting night of music and fun even a small riot couldn’t spoil. I would highlyrecommend Green Day’s new album “Dookie” and if they come to your town, don’tmiss them! .

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