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9 September 2017

Doomsday Essay, Research Paper

Doomsday. The twenty-four hours when every life thing on this Earth will decease and will confront the Creator for Judgement Day. Many people believe this will go on, and shortly. Possibly New Years & # 8217 ; Eve, the twelvemonth 2000. But will it go on? The universe will shortly happen out. Three countries to be looked at are: the Cold War get downing after the Second World War ; atomic war, its possibility of reoccurring and the manner the media views the menace of atomic war ; and eventually, whether the apocalypse is nearing, what the universe & # 8217 ; s military capableness for a atomic and chemical apocalypse is. If Doomsday does come, cipher on this Earth will be left alive.

The Cold War began when Franklin Roosevelt gave Eastern Europe to the Russians at Yalta. America was merely attacked one time, by Japan. This means America fought the war, but ne’er felt the effects of it for themselves. Roosevelt was non national in his thought and so the European states wanted retaliation, this is when Stalin came into control. The first atomic bomb was dropped by the United States on Japan in 1945. This caused fright among Russians and so atomic arms became the new engineering, Russians desiring to be able to support themselves. The Berlin Wall went up. Russians controlled West Berlin, Britain controlled the northwest, America controlled the southwest. Two atomic bombs were dropped in entire, both on August 6, 1945. The Cold War did non to the full stop until the devastation of the Berlin Wall, 1990.

What would it be like populating each twenty-four hours in changeless fright? Afraid that this twenty-four hours will be the concluding twenty-four hours in the universe & # 8217 ; s being. In May of 1998 India began its testing of their atomic arms. This shows that they are still being made and still in usage. Although they are non being used in tungsten

Ars, there is the menace that something could travel incorrect. The proving country may non be secure, something could backlash, or the incorrect individual could acquire their custodies on a atomic arm. When used in the right scene there is small menace. But what is the ground behind continually constructing these arms? Obviously people would be willing to utilize them if they are willing to do them. As of yet there have been no safe ways found to dispose of the radioactive waste used to make bombs. Most people in the media view the menace of atomic war as an ever-present issue. They think it could go on any clip, any where. They are right.

What would the terminal of the universe be like? Will the apocalypse come? These inquiries may some twenty-four hours be answered but history suggest it will non go on. The universe did non stop in the old ages 1000 or 1900 as many believed it would so why now? Facts are it could go on. Nuclear arms are widely available as are the resources needed to make these arms. Many states around the universe have installations where they are proving such arms. Nuclear arms have by and large been made illegal. They have non been used in war for over 50 old ages. There will ever be the menace. It happened one time. Surely it could go on once more.

The universe will probably stop some twenty-four hours. This is a fact stated by the taking scientists of the universe. Whether it be by atomic arms, an star-shaped slamming into the Earth, the depletion of the ozone or the universe & # 8217 ; s Godhead merely naming everyone back, the universe is likely to stop some twenty-four hours, some how. The Cold War, atomic arms, and the apocalypse are all countries taking up to the terminal of the universe as a whole. Cipher can positively foretell the hereafter. Cipher will cognize how or even if the universe will stop until it happens.

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