Dopesmoker by Sleep

I would like to start this review by saying: I do NOT condone any usage of drugs of any kind. You can still enjoy Stoner rock and metal naturally.
Now that that’s out of the way, Sleep is a Stoner/doom metal band from San Jose, California. Having been around for at least twenty years or so, they consist of some of the heaviest, sleepiest and possibly slowest Stoner band around, even more so than say Clutch or Spiritual Beggars. Also they tend to use pot and marijuana to aid in their playing skills.
While this is technically a rerecording of the popular album Jerusalem, it seems to be just one, hour long, track that only contains 14 different riffs and a few solos. The lyrics suggest that they are, eh hem, dreaming about a magical Wonderland of what they call Nazareth and sometimes it is blatant. While I do suggest you sit down and just try your best not to fall asleep and listen to every last second, you can use this as some great background music like writing an article like this one. I personally like it and, heck, without being stoned you can still try to create an atmosphere in your mind or, if you fall asleep, while you sleep. Yeah, the riffing is horrendously slow and clunky, frankly that’s the only downside, and a major one too, but it is so powerful and easy to build upon that you just don’t care. In fact, if you’re lucky, that hour will just wiz by and you wouldn’t notice until it’s over, especially if you’re occupying yourself with other tasks like reading, homework, chores, ect. If you like doom metal like Paradise Lost, Forgotten Tomb and Doom Vs. you also have a boost and a better chance of liking what you here because you are used to slow, heavy atmospheres that last a while, exactly what they did here.
I give this an 8/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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