Dorm Life Essay Research Paper Dorm Life

9 September 2017

Dorm Life Essay, Research Paper

Dorm Life Dorm life at Bowling Green State University is like most other colleges. Students that live in the residence halls are known to go really close, frequently walking to sort together, playing athleticss, and remaining up tardily for all dark survey Sessionss. The pupils that live in the residence halls are in some sense, a society. Every individual has a duty. Sometimes, if any one individual does non finish what they are responsible for, the whole society has to pay. There can be many jobs in a residence hall. Students playing music excessively loud in their suites after quiet hours, and non esteeming others are illustrations of jobs that merely affect one or two people. Problems like go forthing the hall a muss and go forthing rubbish in the bathroom are jobs that affect the whole residence hall. By go forthing rubbish in the hallway or in the bathrooms, the pupil runs the hazard of being fined from the tutelary services for holding to take out the room rubbish. These mulcts are highly rough. At one point, a floor would be fined $ 11 for a tutelary worker to hold to pick up a pizza box. Other jobs include home bases, silverware, and trays from the dining hall weaving up in the hallway, go forthing the bathroom a muss, and purging. The whole floor is charged with this all right if the existent perpetrator International Relations and Security Network T found. Durham 2 Dorm policy is to ticket the pupils on the floor that the incident occurred on. These mulcts can go rather inordinate, sometimes transcending $ 500 per semester. A pupil can non have his or her concluding classs for the twelvemonth unless these mulcts are paid in whole. This brings up the inquiry, Is it right for all the pupils on the floor to be fined if merely one or a few of the occupants went against the regulations? Should a few bad apples ruin the whole clump? I think non. I feel that person should turn to the job by keeping monthly, if non hebdomadal meetings to inform the pupils that they need to take their rubbish out alternatively of puting it in the bathroom. Students need to be told that trays and all other silverware and home bases need to be returned to the dining hall. Repeat is the key. If the solution is pounded and pounded into the pupil s caputs, so they will get down to obey. A hall manager could besides maintain the pupils believing by reminding them how much the floor owes, and what their portion is. Changeless reminders will discourage the pupils from interrupting the regulations. Another, the thought of Terri Capellman, alumnus hall manager of Compton Hall in the Kreischer Quad at BGSU, is to put in cameras to catch the lawbreakers in the act. The sight of a camera watching the hallway would be plenty to forestall rubbish being left in the hallway, possible Acts of the Apostless of hooliganism and larceny. Either of these two possible solutions would work, but have we confronted the existent inquiry? Who should pay for all the harm that occurs in the abode halls? If there is an exigency after the hr of 12 a.m. to 8 a.m. on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday dark, so an Emergency Maintenance keeper has to come and Durham 3 fix the job. This individual is of class paid for their overtime. An exigency care keeper can be called in at any clip of the dark. If an exigency care keeper is needed, so they are paid for 4 hours of regular clip, no affair how long they stay at that place. The starting pay for a full clip keeper is $ 9.93/hour. ( Payroll Office Stat

istic ) This means that the keeper was paid at least $ 39.72 to come in and clean up something that could hold taken 10 proceedingss to clean up such as broken glass. The pupils on the violating floor are charged for this wage. The keepers may state that the rewards they are given for coming in at unacceptable hours of the dark are legit. They seem utmost to me. I think that the keepers should of class be paid excess for coming in at such late hours, but possibly non every bit much as is said. A sensible pay for an exigency care keeper is $ 30. Keep in head that the $ 9.93 is a starting pay, and since we are at a province funded university, those rewards get raised in no clip. A good wage for an exigency care keeper would be $ 19.86/hour. This is dual what they make during the twenty-four hours and there is no extra cost for clip that is non spent on working. A solution to the whole exigency care trade is to hold one of the dark guards or an on responsibility occupant adviser clean up the muss. There are ever three dark guards on responsibility from the hours of 12 a.m. to 4 a.m. The occupation of these people is to look into in occupants coming in after the hr of midnight. Does the forepart desk truly necessitate 3 people making the work of two? Durham 4 An on responsibility RA that has nil to make could besides be a possible solution for the killing. On most darks the on responsibility RA has nil to make, but they are being paid for making it. Put them to work. Trash and trays left in the hallway are non the lone things that a custodian might hold to clean up. As you may cognize, imbibing is rather common among college pupils. If a occupant were to vomit due to the ingestion of excessively much intoxicant after the hr of 12 a.m. so one time once more the exigency care keeper would hold to be called one time once more. All of these misdemeanors do non do hall managers happy. They are the 1s that control the budgets of the abode halls. If excessively much money is being spent in one country of the residence hall, so the pupils have to pay. If there is a ailment of rubbish or trays in one of the bathrooms, so the pupils have to pay. Why should all the occupants have to pay for something that one individual did? Harmonizing to the BGSU pupil enchiridion, the policy is this manner because the pupils are the 1s that know who is perpetrating all these misdemeanors. When the pupils see others perpetrating a misdemeanor of the regulations, they should take action by stating the individual courteously that the mulct for what he or she is making will be assessed to the whole floor. If the lawbreaker is outnumbered, he or she might experience pressured to obey the wants of his or her equals. In decision, it should be shown that the single pupil should non be fined for something that one of their equals did. I have given a few solutions of how to cut costs for the abode halls so the pupils do non hold to be fined as much. I understand that person has to pay for the harm that is made but I besides think that it should be the individual or individuals that commit the offense. I am a college pupil and my floor has already accumulated good over $ 2000 dollars so far this school twelvemonth. I feel that it is non just that I have to pay for something that I didn t do. Start tins, Styrofoam cups and trays make the residence hall expression like a junkyard. The ultimate thing that needs to go on is the pupils need to take duty for their ain actions.


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