Double Edge Sword Essay Research Paper Double

10 October 2017

Double Edge Sword Essay, Research Paper

Double Edge Sword

After the civil war, we had 1000s upon 1000s of people looking for the & # 8220 ; American Dream & # 8221 ; , and Horace Greeley, who stated the celebrated words & # 8220 ; Go west immature adult male & # 8221 ; , helped to get down the great migration westward. There was plentifulness of inexpensive land West of the Mississippi, and gold was foud in the West, merely waiting for those who could acquire at that place. The migration finally interfered with the Native Americans, which changed their manner of life everlastingly. Many hapless psyches tried to do it in the West at raising cowss, agriculture, and excavation, but failed. Ther was besides those who made it large with new innovations, difficult work and tonss of fortune.

The Native Americans were populating on a valuable plus called land, and the authorities was looking to spread out their territoty to the West. However, the U.S. had to make something with the Native Americans, so they strated to make reserve in hope to avoid land wars between the Native Americans and the new colonists. Tribes were congregated on little reserves ; each folks had their ain civilization and this caused clash among each other. Not to advert, there was already conflicts traveling on with their authorities health professionals. Futhermore, there were church-run embarkation schools, which took the kids off from theirr parents, so they could learnn the White adult male & # 8217 ; s manner of life and that merely added to their emphasis. Ultimately, many of the Native Americans died due to conflicts, disease, and the mistreatment on the reserves. For illustration, the Sand Creek slaughter where 450 peaceable Indains were slaughtered. For those who survived, their lives changed everlastingly. In the name of advancement, we took their land and shattered their civilization by seeking to convey them into American & # 8217 ; s manner of life.

The husbandmans, who migrated due west, found themsevles in a unusual land it was nil that they were used to. The land was level, dry praisie grass, and for the most portion treeless. They had to larn how to biuld sod places, and utilize buffalo french friess for fuel. Planting their harvests was besides hard ; thhe plow they hhad would snarl in the difficult prohibitionist land, and the prairie grass roots were imbedded profoundly into the dirt. They had other jobs. like money, most of them were profoundly in debt due to the high monetary values of goods, and their piece of lands of land were non big plenty to be self-sufficing. In add-on, Mother Nature was really difficult on them with drouths, venue, and grass fires that led to harvest failures. Many of them had to work for other ranchers to do ends meet or travel back to the metropolis and seek to happen a occupation. There come a clip when things strated to look up for the husbandmans. New machines and the railway were heading their manner. A adult male name James Oliver invented a plough called the & # 8220 ; farmer & # 8221 ; that could plough through the tough dirt of the Greaat Plains and interrupt up the obstinate prairie grass roots. Others new innovations that helped the husbandman were the plantation owners and threshingg machines, yet this put many husbandmans deeper in debt, and the little husbandmans could afford them. The railway help the husbandmans by conveying them lumber and other goods, which in many instances they could non acquire otherwise.

When the civil war had ended, there was a deficit of cowss, and there were 1000000s of Texas Longhorns rolling free in the West. Many people saw this as a great chance to do large money. Cowboys set out excessively round-up the cowss. Then they would drive them to the Missouri-Pacific railway and

direct the cowss east. On the cattle thrusts there were some troubles due to cattle cattle thiefs waiting to assail and holding to travel around farming areas. Cowtowns started starting up across the West every bit far every bit Montana as the railway expanded. The first cow town was in Kansas and the adult male who started it was J. McCory. He bought 250 estates and so he built a stockyard, barn, office edifice, hotel, and bank. Thingss were looking up for the cowss industry, but thhey still had cowss that were died or sick by the clip they reach the East Coast. To repair the job the railway came up with the refrigerated auto, so the cow mans could butcher the cowss before transportation, and ship the beef to the East Coast without spoilage. The cowss were kept on unfastened scope for sometime, until the β€œbarbed wire wars” started. Ffarmers were intudung on the scope to do their homesteads, as clip went on the cow mans started associations to maintain people off their already overstock lands. Then the sheep came on the scene and started to destruct the graze land. This started the scope wars between the husbandmans, shepherds, and cow mans.

The new about happening gold rang out across the U.S. and people from all walks of life made a huffy elan to the West to interest their claims. Largely work forces lived in these cantonments and it was a unsmooth topographic point to populate. They had unequal shelter, nutrient and it was frequently violent. Many of them died or they tried to do their interest and return place to the E as fast as they could. Hawhers had moved into the cantonments such as, saloonkeepers, ladies of the dark, criminal, and other indelicate characters, which is manner the lynch jurisprudence justness was off of life for the clip being. After awhile, jurisprudence and order came into drama and excavation became a corporate businenss, so the independent mineworker eitherstarted to work for the corporation or they moved on to something else. These little excavation cantonments shortly became booming towns.

After the gold haste in 1849, people started to demand for the transcontinental railway connexions, and influential people were experiencing the presser. The Union Pacific railway was started during the civil war, and the Federal authorities gave land grants to the railway companies to assist them along. As the tracks move westward the husbandmans and cow mans prosper and the transcontinental railway was join in May 10, 1869, to finish the coast-to-coast connexion. Now people and goods could go faster from east to west and they could go safer. However, by the 1870 & # 8217 ; s people had gotten worried about the sum of power and certain patterns of the railway companies. Ther came a clip when railway committees with regulative powers started and the U.S. Supreme Court started the Interstate Commerce Commission to regulate regulations upon the railwaies.

Great Progress was made during the 19th century. If non for the discovert of gold, it likely would hold taken longer to finish the transcontinental railway. The districts would non hold become States every bit promptly as they were, and Native Americans would hold been left entirely for the clip being. If non for the husbandmans homesteading in the Great Plains, some innovations may hold been invented, like the & # 8220 ; farmer & # 8221 ; . The demand for cowss in the E made it possible for the refrigerated autos, and the cow towns. However, if non for the railraods would any of these things be possible? Progress is like a dual border blade, and it will cut both ways. We have to be careful non to be cut to deeply by greed.

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