The advertisement I chose is the set of advertisements for the Dove Campaign for Beauty fund. This campaign is a fund raising campaign sphere-headed by dove for the information campaign of Dove to advocate helping women deal with their problems in self image and self esteem.

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In the many problems of the world, the problem of self image or self esteem is a problem that we all have been taking for granted for centuries now. It’s one of those problems that keep staring us right in the face and we don’t even give priority to its existence. Even in the earlier age of development of our history, women have displayed a great priority on vanity and the way they look. I believe this is a simple but real manifestation that self image is a problem that we have all been struggling with for ages now. I’ve also taken notice that lately with the rise of metro-sexuality, vanity and the problem of self image is a problem that has indeed gotten out of hand.

This is why the ad campaign of dove self esteem fund has caught quite a lot of attention and is driving the world by storm in our modern day and age. Dove has gotten the medium of film, print and the technology of the World Wide Web and used it as an artwork to relate us to the most beautiful thing they can connect a person to: life.

I must admit, the choice of Dove’s new found advocacy is really quite controversial and intriguing. Considering that their product is in line with the beauty industry, the choice to advocate for a deeper meaning of beauty is a strategy we would never have thought their company would be doing. I guess it’s only fair on their part to get in line with this advocacy given that dove has always been on the lighter side of the beauty industry. As far as I can recall, dove has never really been the beauty line to use models that are typical thin, made up and unrealisticlike how we portray fashion and beauty in this modern day and age.

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I believe the dove’s campaign for beauty has hit home with a million of viewers of their ads and the readers of their advocacy articles on real stories about women’s problems with beauty and self esteem.I think after the rise of commercialism of the beauty industry, it’s just about time for a company like dove to target such a campaign and hit us home in our hearts as the beauty industry has been getting out of hand in showing women the value of real beauty and how we should see ourselves as people rather than faces or bodies.

Let’s face it, in the day and age of cosmetic surgery and laser treatments, its pretty safe to say that the self image of women has in so many different levels gone so wrong. You can see super models or super stars brag about getting liposuction or getting cosmetic surgery, while on the other hand, there are also modern day figures in the beauty industry that fall for the old time weight loss trap; by being bulimics or anorexics.

I have to say, although I’m not quite sure on the level of sincerity of dove is in their campaign for self esteem and redefining beauty, their advertisements has been successful in so many different levels. Who wouldn’t go wrong with a topic like self esteem? Day in and day out, women and even young girls face the battle of self image. I do believe that despite the growth of this problem, it’s not all women’s fault that we must face such crisis.

From the very beginning, the burden of being pretty and attracting the opposites sex has always been on the shoulders of the women. Despite the cliché of real and natural beauty, even though, in the end of the day, all everybody wants is to be loved, women can’t help it but at least try to come near the image of beauty that the media has depicted for centuries now. I must admit, even though I know that true beauty lies within who we really are deep inside, at one point or another, I have used traditional methods to deal with the commercialized version of beauty. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to look pretty right?

In the set of advertisements that dove has produced dealing with the problem of self esteem and beauty, I think they have successfully captured the problem of women with self image and self esteem. Dove has made a set of videos for women world wide that hit women in their hearts in dealing with the problem of self image.

They have one music video for Asia on how children begin to feel inadequate with their looks as they grow older. They also have one video clip onslaught in particular that shows on what we let our kids see these days that can affect how they see beauty. I found this medium really effective because what we normally take for granted as women is the stage of development where in we start feeling ugly about ourselves. As adults, ofcourse we have already forgotten that at the age of 10, we all felt a bit fat or tall, or thin or small or a least different from the people around us. Its good to have a commercial like the one that dove has for growing women or children to remind us that even though we find all children beautiful, we still have to step in and guide our younger generations on how see and deal with real beauty.

There are also video clips on how we portray artificial beauty and how overrated the media is with women they show us on tv, or print ads. They have a clip in particular, on entitled “evolution” showing how women in print ads are transformed to be as “beautiful” as they look on print ads. In the clip, they showed the painstaking process on how a model is all made up and edited through computer software to depict our modern day definition of beauty. In the end of the clip, what captures me and probably all of the commercial’s audience is the catchphrase “No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted”. Another video clip of a woman getting “Hollywood hair” also portrays the same message. That the modern day definition of beauty through media is overrated.

The last of their clips also is a clip about a boy waiting for amy outside of her house. The clip was very fast and very simple, but the message was real and beautiful. In the last two taglines in the clip it said “Amy can name 12 things wrong with her appearance” followed by, “He can’t name one”. These are one of the beautiful things in our day to day lives that we take for granted just like our beauty. Dove has caught it in this clip and reminded us that it’s not only beautiful, but more importantly its real.

Dove also has a website for their self esteem campaign: where-in they have posted stories of women world wide on their own personal struggles with beauty and self image. As petty as the problem may seem to be, women can attest to the great impact self image can have to a person’s life. For some women, the problem can be as simple as having the wrong body type, for others it can be as complex having the wrong color or having a race or difference issue.

All around the world, day in and day out, women and even men face this battle of self esteem. Maybe that’s why Dove was so successful in getting people to watch their campaign and talk about it. If you ask me, it’s either a very good campaign strategy for the company or advertisement strategy for their product.

Think about it, Dove is a beauty line that has not targeted or broken through the mainstream beauty industry. Unlike the main players of the beauty industry like Estee Lauder, Loreal, Chanel and many others, Dove is yet waiting for its big break to known as the it product when it comes to beauty.

I believe this campaign has done it for them. I think it was a brilliant move for Dove to redefine beauty to get ahead instead of running after the big players of the industry in a head to head battle. Although I may be wrong in this theory, but Dove sure has made its name heard around the world in taking upon this advocacy of self esteem and self image.

It may be either admirable or not, this campaign has only succeeded as it has in the world wide eye simply because the problem of women and self image really has gotten out of hand. I guess it is only right that we bring back glory to the image of beauty and the quality of life and living to women and children ought to have these days.

The new campaign of self esteem for Dove also has helped a lot of mothers in raising their children as mothers all around the world were once again reminded, that young girls these days needs to be watched more closely due to the tough environment set up for them brought upon by our modern age media.

It’s just about time that we redefine beauty not only for ourselves but more importantly for our children who will live out the legacy of what we believed in and lived for in our lives. Its time to be reminded that superficial beauty is not only a state of mind, but more importantly a matter of perception. In the end of the day only one beauty can transcend through the eyes of all men and women alike. That is the beauty of who you are, how you live life and how you share yourself to the people around you. That beauty will never be overrated or subjective in different eyes across the globe. Because in the end of the day, no matter how beautiful you may look to everyone around you, the only opinion that will matter to you is how beautiful you will feel about yourself.

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