Down S Syndrome Essay Research Paper I

9 September 2017

Down S Syndrome Essay, Research Paper

Down S Syndrome Essay Research Paper I Essay Example

I. What I knew

I remember looking at my cousin Ricky and inquiring why he looked so different. He was the lone 1 in a household of dark skinned Hispanics who was blunt white. He had blond hair, beadlike bluish eyes, a compact organic structure frame and a laugh that echoed throughout the mountains of Tucson. Most of the clip he was his happy gay ego but the remainder of the clip he was ill. I can retrieve how paranoid everyone would acquire anytime person got a little cough. My aunt used to ever state, Ricky can t acquire ill or he might decease. The truth of the affair was the physician s had told her that he would non populate to see the stamp age of seven. The lone thing I knew at the clip was that Ricky sure looked amusing when he laughed because you could barely see his eyes and he didn t talk really good at all. They told us that he looked different from us because he was retarded. My aunt said he was particular because he was a Mongoloid.

II. What I Wanted to Know

There are many inquiries I had but alternatively decided to concentrate on the one s I felt most strongly about:

*Why are some Peoples born with Down s syndrome?

*What is the life anticipation of a individual with Down s syndrome?

*Is there any type of intervention?

III. Searching

My hunt began by doing several trips to the UTSA library every bit good as to the San Antonio library and disbursement several hours on my computing machine at place looking for whatever information I could happen about Down s Syndrome. I was besides able to interview a physician I knew in the Navy who gave me a batch of information on my subject. I was besides lucky that my aunt Delia who is the female parent of a 20 eight twelvemonth old adult male with Down s happened to be in town for a nuptials and gave me first manus cognition of my subject.

Down & # 8217 ; s syndrome is a familial status affecting an excess chromosome, this alteration occurs around the clip of construct. Harmonizing to some information I found

Child with Down Syndrome ( DS ) history for one of every 800 births. The hazard of chromosome upsets like DS, trisomy 13 and trisomy 18 additions with maternal age. The incidence of DS at birth is lower at age 20 ( 1/1600 ) than at age 35 ( 1/370 ) , but many younger adult females have kids than older adult females. So most ( 75-80 % ) DS kids are born to younger adult females. If a twosome has a kid with DS, there is normally an increased hazard for a 2nd affected kid. ( Smith )

Peoples with Down & # 8217 ; s syndrome all have a certain grade of acquisition

disablement. This means that they develop and learn more easy than other

kids. However, most kids with Down & # 8217 ; s syndrome today will walk and speak,

many will read and compose, travel to ordinary school, and look frontward to a semi-

independent grownup life. ( 636-638, Platt and Carlson ) Generally, life anticipation is reduced by 10-20 old ages. Some people with Down Syndrome, nevertheless, have been known to populate into their 80 & # 8217 ; s. (

hypertext transfer protocol: // )

After questioning Dr. James Montgomery a Navy medical officer he gave me some things that people who suffer from Down s have to cover with.

*Down syndrome is non a lethal. One to two per centum of individuals

born with this upset have uncontrollable bosom defects at birth. The norm

life anticipation for all others is now beyond age 55 old ages.

*Today less than 5 % of individuals with Down syndrome have severe-to-

profound mental deceleration. The bulk are on the boundary line of mild-to-moderate

mental deceleration, and some are exhibiting normal IQ tonss today.

*The mean reading degree for individuals with Down syndrome is 3rd class,

with many reading at 6th-12th class degrees today.

There is no remedy for this syndrome, but the option non to hold a kid with Down already exists. Trials during gestation can observe the status. Harmonizing to one survey where they tested the Serum testing it was found to be able to observe between 36percent and 76 per centum of foetuss affected by Down s syndrome, depending on the combinations of serum markers used. ( 407-412, Bobrow, Hall, and Marteau )

It is apparent that the argument over showing for Down syndrome is far

from settled. It is besides apparent that people with Down syndrome can do an

of import part to our society. I think if parents are non prepared to

take on the challenges of a kid with Down syndrome they should hold options,

should one of these options be abortion?

IV. What I Learned

I would hold a difficult clip back uping person & # 8217 ; s determination to abort, particularly

holding lived with my cousin Ricky for five old ages of my life.

From what my aunt Tell told me there are many support groups for households who have kids with Down s syndrome, there are besides many households willing to follow. The plans at school for these kids are really adaptable to the demands of the person. Most kids with Down s syndrome can travel to school and acquire along good, they make a

valuable part to the schoolroom and their fellow pupils. The determination is a hard one and I think that there are many options that need to be explored before anyone can do an informed determination. Watching my cousin grow into the adult male he is today has strengthened my belief that although Down s is a awful thing, with a loving household they can bask life.


Bobrow, Martin, Hall, Sue, and Marteau Theresa M. Psychological Conseqences for

parents of false negative consequences on antenatal showing for Down s syndrome British Medical Journal 320.7232 ( 12 Feb 2000 ) : 407-412

Platt, L. and Carlson, D. Prenatal diagnosing & # 8211 ; when and how? NEJM 327

( 1992 ) :636-638.

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