Down Syndrome Essay Research Paper Down SyndromeDown

10 October 2017

Down Syndrome Essay, Research Paper

Down Syndrome Essay Research Paper Down SyndromeDown Essay Example

Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome, which used to be called mongolianism, is a congenital

deformity accompanied by moderate to severe mental deceleration, is caused

by a chromosomal abnormalcy.

Peoples with Down syndrome are frequently short in tallness and have a little,

unit of ammunition caput with a high, flattened brow and split, dry lips and lingua. A

typical characteristic is a crease of tegument, the epicanthic crease, on either side of the span

of the olfactory organ. The thenar show a individual transverse fold and the colloidal suspensions have a

consecutive fold from the heel to the infinite between the first and 2nd toes.

These people are besides capable to inborn bosom defects and tend to develop

leukaemia. Their intelligence quotient, IQ, normally ranges between 20 and 60,

but with early intercession and proper instruction, some people reach higher


The overall incidence of Down syndrome is about one in 700

births, but the hazard varies with the age of the female parent. The rate of Down

syndrome in kids born to 25 twelvemonth old female parents is about 1 in 2000,

but the hazard increases to 1 in 200 for 35 twelvemonth olds and more than 1 in 40 for

adult females older than 40 old ages. Prenatal trials such as amniocentesis and chorionic

villus trying can be used to observe the chromosomal abnormalcy doing

Down syndrome. In add-on, maternal blood trials can propose the presence of

a foetus with Down syndrome when degrees of alphafetoprotein are lower than

usual, or when degrees of odd estriol and human chorionic gonadotropin

are unnatural.

The chromosomal abnormalcy involved in most Ca

Es of Down

syndrome is trisomy 21, or the presence of three transcripts of the 21st

chromosome. As a consequence, the affected individual has 47 chromosomes in all organic structure

cells alternatively of the normal 46, although how this causes the status & # 8217 ; s

symptoms is non yet known. Scientists assume that the ground for the abnormal

chromosomal combination is the fertilisation of an egg cell holding 24

chromosomes by a sperm with a normal mixture of 23, but they have besides

found that the sperm can transport the excess chromosome every bit good. The unnatural

egg cell or sperm is derived from a source cell in which the brace of 21st

chromosomes holds together and passes into the same sperm or egg cell alternatively

of dividing. In the type of Down syndrome called translocation, the excess

chromosome 21 stuff is attached to one of the other chromosomes ; when

some, but non all, of the organic structure & # 8217 ; s cells carry an excess chromosome 21, the

status is a type of Down syndrome called mosaicism.

Down syndrome is non yet antiphonal to medical intervention, but better

medical attention of the attach toing upsets and infections now consequences in an

about normal life span alternatively of the old life anticipation of about 14

old ages. The badly retarded may still be institutionalized, but many Down

syndrome kids are raised at place, where their full potency can be

developed. Although, with an mean mental age of about eight old ages, they

continue to necessitate a protective environment, many grownups with Down syndrome

work in sheltered workshops ; some hold regular occupations in concern and industry.


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