Down Syndrome Report Essay Research Paper Down

9 September 2017

Down Syndrome Report Essay, Research Paper

Down Syndrome Report Essay Research Paper Down Essay Example

Down Syndrome Report


The chromosomal abnormalcy involved in most instances of Down syndrome is

trisomy-21, or the presence of three transcripts of the 21st chromosome. As a consequence,

the affected individual has 47 chromosomes in all organic structure cells alternatively of the normal

46, although how this causes the status & # 8217 ; s symptoms is non yet known.

Scientists assume that the ground for the unnatural chromosomal mixture is the

fertilisation of an egg cell holding 24 chromosomes by a sperm with a normal

mixture of 23, but they have besides found that the sperm can transport the excess

chromosome every bit good. The unnatural egg cell or sperm is derived from a source cell in

which the brace of 21st chromosomes holds together and passes into the same sperm

or ovum alternatively of dividing. In the type of Down syndrome called

translocation, the excess chromosome 21 stuff is attached to one of the other

chromosomes ; when some, but non all, of the organic structure & # 8217 ; s cells carry an excess

chromosome 21, the status is a type of Down syndrome called mosaicism.

Because of the excess chromosome 21, kids with Down syndrome frequently

hold some characteristic physical characteristics, such as a little caput, a level face,

somewhat upward aslant palpebras, skin creases at the interior corners of the eyes,

little olfactory organ and oral cavity, and little custodies and pess. Most of these characteristic do

non interfere with the kid & # 8217 ; s operation,

a physician chiefly uses the

features for diagnostic intents. These physical characteristics are variable,

and kids with Down syndrome are normally more like other kids than they

are different.

Persons with Down syndrome besides frequently have certain medical

conditions such as weak musculuss, neurological damages, bosom disease,

enteric abnormalcies, ill working thyroid secretory organ, oculus abnormalcies,

hearing jobs, and skeletal jobs. Almost all kids with Down syndrome

are mentally retarded, in the mild to chair scope. The grade of mental

deceleration varies well. Through medical intervention the upsets and

infections attach toing Down syndrome have no consequence on an about normal life


The overall incidence of Down syndrome is about one in 700

births, but the hazard varies with the age of the female parent. The incidence of Down

syndrome in kids born to 25-year-old female parents is about 1 in 1200 ; the

hazard additions to about 1 in 350 for 35-year-olds and about 1 in

120 for adult females older than 40 old ages. Prenatal trials can be used to observe

chromosome abnormalcy doing Down syndrome.


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