Downfall Of The American Dream In The

9 September 2017

Great Gatsby Essay, Research Paper

Downfall Of The American Dream In The Essay Example

Writers use symbolism in their written looks in order to heighten the thematic involvements of the novel. The usage of symbolism allows the reader to construe the narrative, which in bend, stimulates a more personal, inventive, and meaningful experience. Scott F. Fitzgerald s, The Great Gatsby, became an instant classic because of the symbolism used to heighten the subject throughout the novel. Without this symbolism, the subject of the annihilative American Dream would hold been less than adequate, and the book would hold ne’er attained the position and popularity among readers that it does today. The most outstanding and influential symbols are the green visible radiation, Gatsby s shirts, and the Valley of Ashes.

When Gatsby is first seen, he stretched out his weaponries toward a individual green visible radiation, minute and far manner, that might hold been the terminal of a dock. ( Fitzgerald 26 ) The green visible radiation that he appears to be making for is the visible radiation on Daisy s dock. In Gatsby s early life he had a romantic relationship with Daisy. However, he went off to war and when he came back she was married to an highly affluent adult male, Tom Buchanan. Gatsby concluded in his ain head that in order to win Daisy s love, he excessively had to go affluent. After he established himself financially, he bought a house straight across the H2O from Daisy and her green visible radiation. He associates Daisy with the green visible radiation, and it becomes a symbol of her throughout the novel. The whole being of Gatsby exists merely in relation to what the green visible radiation symbolizes. ( Bewley 41 ) Gatsby becomes so enamored with the green visible radiation that it is about as if Daisy does non even exist. She becomes no more than a romantic dream within the green visible radiation on the dock. At last he realizes this when he and Daisy meet and, while gazing at the green visible radiation, nexus weaponries. He eventually attains what he thought he wanted and the green visible radiation becomes no more than a green visible radiation. This false sense of world brings Gatsby great melancholy when he realizes that Daisy is non every bit great as he thought she was. This is similar to the feelings immigrants were overcome by when they reached America. They had been told their whole lives that America was the land of chance and that the streets were paved with gold, but when they got at that place they realized it wasn t all that different from the fatherland which they so thirstily deserted.

In order to affect Daisy, Gatsby devotes his entir

e life to going wealthy. He becomes so haunted with material points and prides himself on achieving them. When he eventually gets Daisy over to his house, he is so overwhelmed by her presence that he does non cognize what to make. He shows her his sleeping room and becomes so aroused that he took out a heap of shirts and began throwing them one by one before us ( Fitzgerald 97 ) . Daisy begins to shout and says they are the most beautiful shirts she has of all time seen. This gross outing show of philistinism merely shows how the American Dream has changed from populating a happy life with your household, to obtaining the most expensive and alien points. The shirts symbolize Gatsby s wealth, which he so proudly attained. He was willing to gain his wealth by any agencies necessary and did so. He was involved in bootlegging and organized offense ; he allowed himself to crouch so low that offense was merely to affect a adult female. Gatsby is so corrupted by his lecherousness for wealth that he is blinded and hence non capable of making anything else.

The vale of ashes is a antic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens, where ashes take the signifiers of houses and chimneys and lifting ( Fitzgerald 27 ) . Wilson the proprietor of a little garage in the vale of ashes is considered to be the owner of the huge barren. This barren is symbolic of the corruptness of the American dream by philistinism. ( Bloom 110 ) It is merely excessively coinciding that Wilson the keeper of the vale of ashes is the terminal of Gatsby s dream, which symbolizes Gatsby s dreams turning to ashes. It should besides be pointed out that the ground Gatsby was tied to the slaying was because of his bizarre car. If he had non tried so fierily to affect Daisy with his stuff properties, he would ne’er hold been unjustly linked to the auto. This is a ruinous illustration of the American dream being tainted by greed.

F. Scott Fitzgerald s usage of symbolism carried the majority of the subject throughout the novel. It allowed the atrophy of the American Dream to be brought to new degrees. The green visible radiation, the shirts, and the Valley of Ashes are merely the most outstanding illustrations of such symbolism but there are elusive symbols throughout the novel. Fitzgerald brightly communicates what he wants the reader to accomplish without giving off excessively much. The Great Gatsby is merely one of many great illustrations of how symbolism can convey the significances that could non be derived from words.

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