Dr. Beckett’s Dental Office

2 February 2017

The problem starts when she never gave importance on the implication of management but rather run only her business in a way she wanted it to be. * She did not care of running a business without a background on handling and managing a business. She always asks for a consultant’s help and that is not enough to just rely on them because Dr. Beckett never try to understand and learn of what would be the consequences.An instance came, when doctors and dentist need to imply HMOs policy, but she never implied on it rather she rely to a consultant and do instead what she wanted to do, she did not even look at what problem she may encounter in being in favor to this movement. * Dr.

Beckett decides to redesign the service delivery system. In terms of facilities she wanted the work environment to reflect her own personality and values as well as providing a pleasant place for her staff to work. She provided employees with many opportunities to update their skills by attending classes and workshops.She also rewarded their hard work by giving monthly bonuses if business had been good. * She realized that productivity gains were necessary; she doesn’t want to compromise the quality of service her patients received. Since higher quality care was more costly, Dr. Beckett patients sometimes had to pay fees for cost that were not covered by their insurance policies.

Dr. Beckett’s Dental Office Essay Example

* These patients might decide to switch to HMO dentist (Health Maintenance Organization). The HMOs set the prices for various services by putting an upper limitation on the amount that their doctors and dentists could change for various procedures. The advantage to patients was that their health insurance covered virtually all costs. But the price limitations meant that HMO doctors and dentists would not be able to offer certain services that might provide better quality care but were too expensive. Sometimes, staff members would substitute for each other when necessary to help with tasks that were not specifically in their job descriptions in order to make things even more smoothly. This instance is not a good practice since the service to be offered may not satisfied the customers especially in the cases when these staffs really don’t know what to do.Still, management cover the service offered or Beckett doesn’t know that in management, they should give priority to the specific field that the staffs should focus and work to.

Since she never gives importance to it, consequences may surely happen. Dr. Beckett just only rely on the word or mouth done by her current patients in order to have new customers to avail the service offered, she even thought that she doesn’t need to sell herself because her current customers had already been told their family and friends about her service, plus she doesn’t need to advertise, since her current customers are a big help.One more thing, since advertising is not implemented, Dr. Beckett have a hard time in demonstrating the high level of quality that she wish to let her patients know, and how to help them have a positive and favorable attitude towards the service. She did not even mind about the customer needs. As a whole, the problem or Dr.

Beckett covered the system of management in her business and how to improve mush the service she offered with the help of establishing the right way on managing a business. Statement of the Problem * How will Dr. Beckett and her staffs improve the management system of the company? How do Dr. Beckett and her staffs educate patients about the service they are receivingShe decided that her top priority was differentiating the practice on the basis of quality. Since higher quality care was more costly, Dr. Beckett’s patients sometimes have to pay fees for costs that were not covered by their insurance policies. If the quality differences weren’t substantial, these patients might decide to switch to an HMO dentist or another lower-cost provider.

Sine Dr. Beckett does not even mind her customer needs and just focus and give prior to the job she’s working to her patients tend not to live on going to the dentist and tend to have a negative attitude toward that service.Alternative courses of Action * Dr. Beckett must implement a better management system in the company in order to deliver a better service and satisfy their customers that her service is with high quality. * Dr. Beckett must promote and educate the service she offers to her customers in order for them to know the benefits they might get and even though the price of her services is high, the qualities of the services are worth it. First is the Comfortable Dental Anesthetic delivery that helps ensure the patients’ visits are always easy and comfortable.

Second, is the Dental Laser for gums that is effective for disinfection, faster healing, quick and easy to use, less need for anesthesia, minimal discomfort afterward and better results. And third, is the Dental Air Abrasion, which is a relatively new tooth preparation technique that can be use in place of traditional dental drill. It allows the dentist to do many repairs to the teeth without the noise and vibration of the drill.Recommendation * Dr. Beckett must choose all of the alternative courses of action mentioned above in order to gain more customers and keep the existing ones by giving Thank you cards to patients who referred other patients; follow up calls to patients after major procedures; a goodie box for patients including toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss; buckwheat pillows and blanket for patient comfort during long procedures; coffee and tea in the waiting area, and a photo album in the waiting area with pictures of staff and their families.Learning * Before taking up any action we should make sure that it is for good and for the better so that we don’t have any regret and before putting up a business we must have enough information, knowledge and understanding on how to handle a business so that our business will stay longer in industry. Before redesigning the service system we must evaluate and compute the cost of it because quality services always connect with higher cost so that other customers could avail the services intended to offer.

* A service provider must accept the feedback of their customer because there are some customers that are not happy with quality and value of the service they receive from the company.

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