Dr. Dog – “We All Belong”

11 November 2019

With a mellow sound, catchy keys and fuzzy guitar riffs reminiscent of early Beatles recordings, Philly-based Dr. Dog’s “We All Belong” has all the ingredients for musical genius. The album’s subject matter spans a bevy of emotions, from detachment to falling in love. Indeed, this band’s three-part harmonies and captivating guitar riffs have reached a broader fan base with this release.

One of the most popular singles, “My Old Ways,” is a catchy tune that instantly induces euphoria in the listener’s ear. With a beguiling riff the song grabs your attention. This is followed by the upbeat vocals of Scott McMicken (also known as Taxi) who sings fondly of how “Some things never change or go away/I wait around and now it’s yesterday/Like some little kid who’s overgrown/The lonely one who’s never been alone.”

Dr. Dog – “We All Belong” Essay Example

My personal favorite is “The Way the Lazy Do.” Not only does it include a particularly upbeat bass line coinciding with a melancholy rhythm, but the lyrics catch the listener’s interest. With a deep emphasis on human detachment, the song takes a poignant tone in the hook.

Rolling Stone praised the album for its reminiscence of that classic ’60s pop sound. In their 2007 list of “100 Greatest Songs,” Dr. Dog’s “Old News” placed fortieth.

This album is guaranteed to strike a chord with listeners. With its ’60s, indie-rock appeal, Dr. Dog is certain to intrigue. Fans of Wolf Parade, Okkervil River or older pop groups will want to add this gem to their collection.

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