Dr Feelgood by Motley Crue

7 July 2019

Motley Crue released their 5th studio album Dr Feelgood on September 1st 1989. They recorded the album in Vancouver, BC in the years 1988-1989. Motley Crue is known for their glam metal and hard rock songs, and this album is full of it. With songs like “Without you”, “Don’t go away mad (Just go away)”, “Same old Situation (S.O.S)”, “Kickstart my Heart”, and the song that the album was named after “Dr Feelgood”. This album was also the first Motley Crue album to hit number 1 on the Billboard charts from the years 1989-1990. And that shows how good the album was.

Motley Crue came together in early 80s, and went on to performing and releasing albums till they called it quits for good in late December, 2015. Of course like all the good bands, from the 70s and 80s, had their little break ups, but motley ended up getting back together after many break ups and still make amazing hard rock/glam metal songs.

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The members of the band are Vince Neil (Lead Singer), Nikki Sixx (Keyboard), Tommy Lee (Drums), and Mick Mars (Head Guitarist). Of course lots of others came and replaced some of them while they broke up for a while or when some got in fights.

I like this album probably the best out of all of them because majority of my favorite songs are from this album. Of course there a bunch more amazing songs out there like “Girls, Girls, Girls”, “Merry Go Round”, and one of my most favorites “On with the Show”. I have been listening to Motley Crue my whole life since I was a baby. And if you like other rock bands like RATT, ACDC, Cinderella, Poison or Twisted Sister, you should listen to some Motley, if you haven’t heard of it already, because they all sing the same type of music and is just a feel good band. Also if you never really listened to hard rock or glam metal or anything like that, you should try something new and listen to some Crue. Those are the reasons I am writing a review on Dr Feelgood by Motley Crue.

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