Dracula as a Homosexual Victim

4 April 2015
The treatment of Stoker’s Count as a repressed homosexual in Victorian England.

This essay paints the title character in Stoker’s tour de force as the real victim, a victim of society and of orient/occident culture clashes. It examines Dracula not merely as an undead ghoul who terrorizes the London socialites, but as the embodiment of repressed homosexuality in Victorian England at the turn of the century.
“Dracula was the victim in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. He was the victim of a society afraid of change, and as such, the character acts as an expression of the author’s opinion about those who reside outside acceptable British society. Stoker’s personal life was one in which the author could not forge a union with society for many reasons, including a childhood illness and an unacceptable lifestyle. It is believed by historians and critics that Stoker was unable to forge a union with society and this is expressed in his broken narrative form in the novel.

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Dracula the Vampire becomes a parallel to Stoker in the form of repressed homosexuality and an inability to relate to modern British society.”

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