Dragonite by Slow Motion Sickness

Slow Motion Sickness, a young hardcore band from Bergen County, New Jersey, has recently been making a name for themselves. With thousands of views on MySpace, and the persistence of band members and friends, the band has become one that most kids through out some of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio have come to love. They have been a band for about three years and include high school aged kids from New York and New Jersey. Playing at local places located in New Jersey, and Nyack, New York, they have slowly begun to take an impact on kids that know and listen to them. With the release of their song β€œDragonite,” they were an instant phenomenon. After about a year of hard work and dedication, they began booking shows in bigger and less local venues. This helped to spread the word. This also helped them get even more shows with bands they themselves adored. I have seen them perform many times. Yet, I can remember each time perfectly. They put on a great show, and most other fans seem to think so, too. They raise their hands, sing along, bob their heads and some even whale their arms in approval to the performance. They can be found on YouTube, MySpace, and Face book. They never seem to disappoint. Check em’ out.

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