Drama Evaluation We have recently been studying Greek theatre. It was in the open air, and was usually a bowl-shaped arena on a hillside. Violence was forbidden on stage, to replace the scene the choral would come In and say what would have taken place In that scene. The choral would come in every now and then. The theatre used to be a place of religious worship for the Greek gods. It was forbidden because of that sacred nature of the stage. The theatre used to be and alter, where a statue used to stand.

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My group and I recently performed a play; the play included a mixture of different fairytale stories. The following stories are the ones which we included in our performance ‘Hansel and Gretel’, ‘Goldilocks’, The Three Little Pigs’, ‘Red Ridding Hood’ which was later changed to Red Ridding from the Hood, the reason for this was to give the performance some originality and The Wizard of Oz’ which was the base of our performance. The whole performance ended up being called ‘Dorothy’s twist’.

In our performance we also had to include Choral speaking as we were performing Greek theatre. Our choral speaking had to include unison, which is where we had to say things simultaneously, echo Is where we repeat what has been said, emphasis Is here we emphasize on key words, which were important words that you would like your audience to take note on, we also had to include a drama technique called round. this Is when a person/people say a line and some else repeats It.

My group and I were going for a non-naturalistic genre, we did this by exaggerating the way we moved around on stage and projecting our voice even when it wasn’t necessary and being very dramatic which gave the performance more humour, In the performance I played two characters; a little pig from the three little pigs and the Tinman from the Wizard of Oz. The little Pig which I played had a bit of an edge, my group and I decided Instead of doing the wellknow version we should do our own little version of the pig.

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So we later agreed on a ‘chavy’ pig, so instead of being dim, I had to show attitude, speak very informally and use very harsh tones. What made it clear that I was a ‘chavy’ pig was theuse of body language. instead of standing upright, I had to slouch a lot and roll my eyes quite frequently. unlike the Tinman I played. In the beginning of the scene the Tinman came across as very grumpy and showing negative energy towards Dorothy, throughout the scene the audience came to iscover that, that was not the case at all.

After the Tinman had been freed he was very bubbly and energetic, I showed this by doing a little dance of happiness to display the fact that I was happy that I had been freed. In my group Grace played Dorothy, in the actual story Dorothy was a very naive girl, so we decided to keep her character the same, I believe It was a very wise move as we did not want to make too many changes in the story to confuse the audience and she played her Incredibly well, she exaggerated her movements to highlight how overly dramatic she was.

Dorothy came across as very and innocent and always wanted to see the best in people although that was not always the case. Her role as Dorothy also Included a lot of dramatic irony. This helped her engage with the audience more. Sarah played ‘Red ridding from the hood’ I believe her personality came across very well, she managed do with her and that she only really had interest in her Red shoes. Her personality really reflected to modern day gangster life and how they would talk to each other.

Sarah also played the Witch that kept Hansel and Gretel captive, the way she hanged her voice and made it croaky, and her slouching back made it obvious that she was playing someone elderly. Michael played the camp wolf from ‘The Three Little Pigs’. At first we weren’t sure whether to change the characters personality and later on decided that we should. We decided on having a wolf that acted girly, which was to add more humour to the performance.

He managed to play the part very well and interacted with the audience too, his second character was playing the Father bear, although it was quite a short scene, the amount of anger he had was very bvious as he gave a loud yell and chased after Goldilocks, which resulted in the Father bear eating Goldilocks. Izzy’s part in the performance was to play Gretel and a snobby little pig, the pig whose home was made up of bricks, during the performance she boats on how her home was the best, which made it clear to the audience what type of personality her character has.

Her personality came across as very self centred. As for her character Gretel we changed her personality to in the performance she was a very sly and clever girl who managed to make Dorothy do her hores, although she came across as a very kind and loving girl in the beginning of the scene. Tom’s part in the performance was to be a scarecrow from Dorothy, who in the actual play is quite dim, but in our performance was quite bright, which he portrayed very well. He managed to give Dorothy great suggestions.

To make it clear that he was still a scarecrow, we decided to keep the way he travelled the same which was quite clumsy looking. The second character was to play Hansel, who was the brother of Gretel; in our performance it is clear that Hansel tries to meet up to Gretel’s expectations even though he was the oldest. Sophie’s part in the performance was to play the role of Goldilocks and a very geeky and insecure little pig. As Sophie plays Goldilocks, it was made obvious that she was Dorothys best friend for a while in the play; she was able to give advice and had a similar personality to Dorothy.

Her second character was to play the insecure little pig, this was clear as in the performance she was over spoken by her siblings, who would never pay much attention to her, this made it even clearer as Dorothy comes along and puts her down when speaking, even though she wasn’t familiar with her at that cene. I was able to develop my character with the use of body language and the tone that was used to talk to other characters during the performance. My idea in the play was to use ‘The Wizard of Oz’ as the base of the performance and the personalities of the three little pigs.

During the whole performance we used a couple drama techniques to help get the dramatic effect across to the audience watching. We used a freeze frame when Red Ridding from the Hood attempted to still Dorothys shoe, this was used as it was a vital part of the play and was used to highlight this to he audience, and in addition to that during Greek theatre did not allow violence or any forceful body contact to be shown on stage. Thoughts aloud was used when Dorothy found herself in a tricky situation, this was used to make it clear how Dorothy felt at that moment.

It made relating to the audience less difficult and easier for the audience to understand. My group and I were able to work together, although that nothing was clear so we had trouble communicating, until we all settled down again. We were able to share our ideas and were also able to comment on what relevance it as to the performance and whether or not we thought it would work, and whether we had the time to do it and if we need to bring in more probs. We were then able to combine all of our ideas and perform ‘Dorothys twist’.

In my opinion our performance came across well to the audience, I also believe that the audience were quite taken back by our style of performance and the fact that it included all these different mixtures of fairytales. I’m drawn to the thought that the part I played was quite believable, although I did struggle to keep a straight face at some parts of the play but succeeded. I do not consider our performance as realistic, although that was the point of the whole performance but came across well.

In our performance we included lighting which made the audience concentrate on that specific area, my perception is that the performance would have been much better if we included music at certain parts, this would have been an alternative as it would highlight were there was tension, Joy or in some cases humor. In our performance the only props we used included, red sparkly shoes and a blue bow for Dorothy, although we planned to use more props at first. Its clear to me that the props did help develop the erformance it also made it clear that Grace was playing Dorothy.

In my opinion the use of crops were relevant and highlighted the purpose of it too. I presume that our drama performance on ‘Dorothys Twist’ went very well, I believe that one of our strengths was the way the characters managed to engage to one another and the flow it had, the performance was continuous no one in the group seemed to had forgotten their lines or were unsure on what was to do next. Everyone in the performance managed to project their voice, so were heard very clearly.

We were also able to discuss any changes we wanted to take in our performances; this was asier as everyone turned up in the rehearsals. We were able to do this and still stick to the rule of only having three characters on stage at once. As well as strengths the group also seemed to have weaknesses, in this case I believe that we had our back turned to some parts of the audience , I think this happened as performing in Greek style is very difficult as your back will be turned to members in the audience at some point.

I also believe our ending should have had a clearer one, this could have been shown by Dorothy finally meeting the Wizard or a character in the play telling her hat there was no way out, in addition to this I feel as though my group and I struggled to produce our own chorals. I think that most of the performance went well as we spent three lunch times practising and trying to get the performance to perfection, although we did fail at some points, but managed to work through it, as for the ending I do not think we practised it to the standard as we could have, as we were focusing too much on what was happening in the middle of our performance.

As an individual I think I played my character well, although I could have done better n my role as the ‘chavy pig, as I did turn my back to the audience on numerous occasions, which made it difficult for the audience to see the face expressions used throughout that scene, which was the main purpose. To improve my performance as an individual, I believe that I should moved around the stage more and given the audience a chance to see my use of body language and face expressions.

During the especially when I was in the role as a Tinman because of the humour, and the audiences’ reaction. On the whole believe that as a group we were able to perform well, and the audience were also able to understand it. From the beginning to the end of the performance everyone knew what was to be done and there was not any questioning on where anyone should be.

We were able to memorise the choral speaking and display it without any problems. I believe as a group we were very focused and on the ball, as we knew what queue we were supposed to enter a specific scene. Everyone in the group was able to change characters without confusing any of the audience. The performance on the whole was a huge success, and if we had taken the changes into account I believe it would have made the performance even better.

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