Drama Response of Hedda Gabler

1 January 2017

The play Hedda Gabler was written by Henrik Ibsen. Henrik Ibsen was a major Norwegian play righter of the late 19th century and he also considered to be one of father’s of modern drama. After Shakespeare, Henrik Ibsen is the most widely produced drama in history. He wrote in a new realist style and he was a bit scandalous because of raising Victorian values in every play he wrote.

The play Hedda Gabler was performed by college students of STSI Bandung at Sunan Ambu Building, STSI Bandung, 20 Oktober 2012. The duration of play is about 90 minutes. The scene of the stage was the house in Victorian style. The costumes were worn by the performers also represent the era of Victorian. The story tells about the marriage life and reflection of social values.

Drama Response of Hedda Gabler Essay Example

Hedda Gabler is a daughter of Jendral Gabler who had passed away without leaving inheritance to his daughter. Hedda Gabler who has reached the age of marriage decides to marry George Tesman whom she doesn’t really love. In the beginning of the story, Hedda and Tesman return from their honeymoon to their new house. Tesman who studies the art history spends his life to read and learn all over time. According to that reason, Hedda is showing her boredom with Tesman in the time of their marriage, even though she knows that she is pregnant after they came back from honeymoon. However, she assumes her marriage with Tesman who will become the honorable professor could return her prosperity in society in which she used when her father still lived.

In the beginning of the story there is Julie, Tesman’s Aunt who welcomes them home after they come back from honeymoon. However, since Hedda’s behavior is not friendly to Julie, in short Julie leaves them quickly. No longer after their departure, they get the information from Mrs. Elvested (Thea) that Ejlert Lovborg returns to society. Ejlert Lovborg is well known as a drunkard though he is also talented. He is one of man who admires Hedda

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