Dream home

5 May 2017

My dream home would be located in the Caribbean along the beaches of Jamaica with a panoramic view of the ocean. The house would be pretty big but not to big that you would get lost in it. I would want to have a four car garage to store all of my luxury transportation. Even with the ocean steps away I would still like to have an indoor pool, bowling alley and a basketball court. I would also like a huge backyard that led onto the beach so I could Just walk out on the beach anytime I felt the need. My backyard would include a hot tub with a water fall feature.

A built in barbeque pit where I could have family and friends over to eat delicious food beach side with the sweet sounds of reggae playing all night long. Also we would have a screen in porch Just to protect us from all the bugs. Inside my home would include an elevator for my lazy days. There would be plasma TV throughout the house. I would want to have a state of the art gym where I can invite a trainer over to keep me in good shape. Also, would have heated floors this is a must I don’t like wearing shoes or having cold feet. I would like the smell of the Caribbean sprayed automatically over the entire home.

Dream home Essay Example

I would want a really nice kitchen with granite table tops and nice cooking supplies along with a cook to order chef. I would also like a nice washer and dryer along with a butler working for me to help me keep my estate together. I would also need a top of the line security system to be safe. I would also need a speaker system throughout the house so I can always hear music and know what’s going on around me I would have a house that is awesome and great and has good style and texture to it. I would have a custom designer come and decorate my house to look nice and modern. This is my dream home that I would want to live in forever.

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