Dream House

2 February 2019

If I could build my dream house it would be amazing.I would like it to be on the Hawaiian island of Maui.Also my house would sit on the beautiful,white,sandy beaches.My dream house would include a beautiful bedroom,lugubrious bathroom,and an exciting back yard.

The first rooms that i would want to look great would be the bedrooms.My beds would be queen sized and fluffy.The window would be really big so you could sit in it.My closet would be a walk-in and beside it on the wall would be a flat screen TV.The bedrooms would also have a hangout area.

Also other rooms inside would be the bathrooms.The bathtub would be a Jacuzzi.It would also have a shower.I would also have a towel warmer and a TV.The sink would be huge so I could put everything on it and the toilet would be automatic.

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The outside is going to be the best part of the house.My pool would start at three feet and go to twenty feet.Beside the pool would be the hot tub.I would have a volleyball and basketball court.The last big part would be a skating rink which would turn into a ice-skating rink in the winter.

A beautiful bedroom,a lugubrious bathroom,and an exciting back yard would be part of my dream house.It would be located on the Hawaiian island of Maui.My house would sit on the beautiful,white,sandy beaches.I am really excited to build my dream house,it is going to be amazing.

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