Dream House Essay

6 June 2016

As I approach the lot in which my dream house awaits, sitting on an ocean shore. A simple two story home, painted a light blue with white shudders. A balcony, that wraps around the entire second floor of the house. The bedroom’s on the second floor with white French doors that lead to the balcony. I walk up the small, few wooden stairs that lead to the white wooden door. I turn the silver colored door-knob counter clockwise pushing the door open. Walking into the living room with my husband Greyson, sitting on the brown leather sectional couch, watching the television.

With a brown leather arm chair, sitting a few feet away from the couch, sitting at the end of the glass coffee table that sits directly in the middle of the room. A forty-six inch television placed on a brown entertainment center. The room’s walls painted a medium-like beige color, the floors a cherry hardwood flooring color, family photos hanging on the wall by the stairs, and a patio door that leads to the deck, with a great view of the ocean’s shore.

Dream House Essay Essay Example

Eventually I then walk out of the living room and walk quietly passed the front door once more, going straight into what is the office and library. There’s a mahogany desk by the bay window, where sits a laptop which is Greyson’s and mine. A beige arm chair that sits in the corner with a foot rest sat in front of it and two wooden bookshelves on each side of the room. The one shelf that is closest to Greyson’s desk, is full of medical books and law books. The other shelf, closest to the beige arm chair has story books with authors such as Nicholas Sparks, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, and short story authors such as Edgar Allen Poe, and O. Henry, etc.

Soon enough, I then walk out of the office as I start to walk down a hallway that has some family photos hung there. I then approach a small split like room. To the right there is the kitchen and to the left there is the dining room, I decide to turn right as I walk into the kitchen it is well lit and the walls are painted a light peach like color, with granite counter tops and a small island in the middle of the room where the sink is.

Closest to the double door fridge is another patio door. Outside of the patio door is a deck with a grill and wooden stairs that go down to the sandy beach. As I turn around once more scanning the room, looking at the white cabinets that hang on the walls. A few glasses left in the sink, most likely used by Greyson, Elena (their daughter), and Damon (their son).

I then decide to walk into the dining room, as I walk into the room, listening to the slight quiet tap noise that appears from my walking, I then see that there is a large mahogany table with six chairs, a hutch in the back of the room that holds the china, a chandelier that hangs from the white ceiling above the table, and a window with a view of the ocean. Across the room are white French doors that lead back to the living room.

I then push them open walking back into the living to turn to the left shutting the doors behind me, seeing Greyson aiming the remote towards television flipping through channels. I walk into the room as he says “hey Christina” which is me, I respond to him saying hello back as I then head up the hard wooded flooring stairs to the second level of the house.

Once I’m finally upstairs, straight ahead are big clear glass windows just giving the greatest view of the ocean yet, as I can see the waves ripple through the Ocean’s shoreline. I sigh in a sense of relief as I take in the view. I then continue to look around the room and there are two beige leather sofas one on one side and the other on the other side with a small coffee table in the center. Then there is a long hallway turning left from the stairs goes to Elena and Damon’s room, as well as a guest bedroom and the main bathroom. Turning right to the stairs leads to the master bedroom, also known as Christina’s and Greyson’s room.

Suddenly I hear the sound of someone playing guitar as I turn left and walk down the hall to a white wooden door that has a hand-made sign that says ‘Damon’s Room; Do Not Disturb’. I knock on the door opening it slightly as I look into the light blue painted room with white French doors towards the back of the room. The floor is somewhat messy with his things and Damon is sitting on his bed playing guitar as he looks over and says “hey mom”.

I respond say “hey, did you do your homework yet?” He shakes his head no and I look around once more at the posters that pretty much cover his walls. Before Exiting his room I say “Well you better get to it soon.” I then exit the room, shutting the door softly behind me, leaving him to his guitar. I then walk over to the other white door opening it and walking in slightly. The bedroom is for the most part pretty decently cleaned, the walls a light lavender-like purple color. With a full sized bed with zebra print bedding and a white canopy that hangs above the headboard.

Then a small entertainment center a few feet away from the foot of the bed, where a thirty-two inch television sits. As Elena is laying on her bed on her brand new laptop Greyson and I had bought for her for her birthday. I then ask her how her day went. She responds saying “same old, same old.” As I am walking out of her room I shut the door softly behind me. I walk down the hallway all the way to the other side of the house towards the master bedroom.

I slowly with ease push the door open, walking into a big room with a king-sized bed. With green colored bedding, the walls a light sea foam green color. On the other wall across from the foot of the bed, is the mahogany dresser, with a big mirror on top of it that looks antique-like. Then a few feet away from the door is a double door closet. I walk slowly over to it, opening the closet doors. I walk into the walk in closet, it’s absolutely huge and there are lights in each door that holds dresses or dress clothes.

Finally down at the end of the walk-in closet is a huge rack full of nothing but my shoes. Walking down towards the shoes there is a little carpet strip from the door to the shoes, on the sides is white tiling. Eventually I then walk out of the closet, shutting the closet doors behind me, smiling to myself realizing how absolutely perfect my home is. I then exit the room and go back downstairs.

I walk into the living room, smiling brightly as I then sit down on the brown leather sectional couch next to my husband Greyson. I cuddle up comfortably next to him as we watch the television together. As we are watching television together eventually Damon and Elena come downstairs. Elena sits on the couch next to me, as Damon goes and sits over on the brown leather arm chair. As everyone is all in the room together, all I can think about is how perfect everything seems. Just to be sitting in a room with my picture perfect family, with no other care in the world. With the sense of relief, knowing that all I need right and right now is my family and no one else…

Suddenly my alarm goes off and its 8:30 am and I’m back to my normal self, in my apartment. I sigh in disappointment, that once again it was all just a dream. I get up and get ready for my class at Harvard Medical School. As I’m finally done getting ready I then leave my boring simple little apartment to go to school. Once I’m finally at school all I can think about is the dream I had the night before. I continue to try and pay attention to what we are learning in class, but fail to pay attention. Eventually I let my mind drift, wishing once again that my dream was real, and that I really was living in my dream home, with my dream life. I sigh in slight disappointment as I then come back to reality, paying attention to the class that I am in. The End

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