Dream Job

8 August 2016

My dream job is to work in the world as a police officer. I have admired them since I was a little kid. I use to play cops & robbers and love to arrest the criminals and put them in handcuffs. Being a police officer would allow me to do something that I have always dreamed about & something I can be proud about. I got interested in this job by watching the TV show Cops. Seeing the officers in high speed & foot chases is thrilling. I would be honored to receive awards while I am serving but it really doesn’t matter to me.

The only thing that I want to do is help be a part of the group of people that helps keep the community safe. Many police departments require that applicants be high school graduates; an increasing number expect some college education. Applicants usually must be at least twenty-one years of age and U. S. citizens. In many communities, applicants must meet minimum requirements for height, weight, eyesight, and hearing. Officers are usually encouraged to continue their education by taking college courses in criminal justice.

Dream Job Essay Example

Police work can be dangerous and stressful. Officers often deal with violent criminals and may be injured or killed. They must make quick decisions while on duty, yet be tactful and patient with people who are in trouble or have been in trouble with the law. It’s a great career with a lot of overtime and benefits, and a good pension. You have a lot of control over your work day and a lot of fringe benefits. In many departments you can also work off duty as security.

But anything can also happen to you while on the job too. You can me mentally and physically hurt by things that may occur. But I am a tough person and I will be up for the challenge like many others. Being a policeman is a very honorable job because it helps try to prevent drugs from being sold, crimes from being committed, and laws from being broken. So now I actually am looking forward to taking steps to become an officer and serving my community, city, and country well.

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