Dream Street by Dream Street

8 August 2019

Do you remember the days when boy bands ruled? No, I don’t mean the Jonas Brothers or Allstar Weekend – I’m talking about the dancing/lip-syncing boy bands with corny rhymes and meaningless lyrics. You know, Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync, and New Kids on the Block. My favorite has always been Dream Street. Yeah, yeah, I know most of you are probably thinking, Who? Well, I don’t blame you since they’ve only released two ­albums.

Dream Street were best known for their high-pitched, child-like voices. (Imagine that, the voice that made millions of girls fall in love with Justin Bieber existed long before him.) Dream Street fit every criteria for a boy band: they danced, they sang, their lyrics were corny and rhyming, they incorporated the name of their band into their songs (“Oh it’s magic when we meet/Baby down on dream street”), and they sang about nothing but girls, girls, girls … but, hey, that’s why we love them, right?

Well, that’s why I loved them.

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Their music is high-­energy and perfect when you’re upset, happy, in love, just got dumped, or are falling asleep. It’s odd to find a band whose music you can listen to any time. This album reminds me of simpler times, before things got complicated. I like to listen to it at night and just forget everything.

If you were a fan of the boy band era, or if you just like happy-go-lucky music, “Dream Street” is for you.

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