2 February 2019

The people who I look up to the most in my life are dreamers because they are just like me and I am a dreamer. Dreamers are people who dream big and dream all sorts of things. We dream all sorts of things from being a teacher to being the first person to land on Saturn. In this world I think every body is a dreamer. Everybody when they go to sleep dream something and every body has this ability. Sometimes our dreams shape our destiny, goal, aim or objective in life.

Among many are those dreamers who make it happen. I sometimes think about what was going through Amelia Earhart’s mind when she dreamed of flying her first flight or when Patrick Henry dreamed about liberty and said “Give me liberty or Give me Death”. People must have told Helen Keller that you won’t be able to graduate college your deaf and blind but she was a dreamer and she did graduate. They told Alexander Graham Bell that he was crazy in thinking that something like a telephone could be invented but he was a dreamer and said yea I am crazy. Even I think Evil Knievel was crazy in doing all those stunts- I know I would not do it, but he was a dreamer and he dreamed of doing something big. Once we take a step in what we believe in and what we dream of doing we accomplish it no matter what which is why I am a dreamer.

Dreamer Essay Example

I know I will face challenges similar to these people. My dad tells me how it was very hard for him to convince his dad to come to America, his dad wouldn’t let him and said to stay in his country and told him how would he start from scratch he had no one in America to help him where would he go but my dad was a dreamer and didn’t give up on his dream. Still he left with the woman he loved and pursued his dream of becoming something in America and living in a better country. Now he inspires me to become what I want to become and do it with the best of my ability.

So you might ask me what my goal is. Well I dream just like my father just like all those dreamers who made it happen to be just like them that is my goal. I dream of being that one person that when people see get inspired. I dream of being that person that will be talked about in schools and classes and in history class one day. I dream of being that person who has a statue of in a famous park just like the statue of Christopher Columbus in Central park that I see when I go there. I dream of being that person on a dollar bill just like George Washington on the 1 dollar bill. I dream of starting in a new movie just like Johnny Depp. My dream is to accomplish, in these four years many things but I know my first step has to be to go to college.

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