Dreams and Intuition

4 April 2015
This paper is about the effect that dreams have on us as individuals and how intuition can be tapped into by using our dreams as tools, through a review of Frances Vaughn’s Awakening Intuition.

Can dreams help us be more creative and intuitive in our lives? This paper is a quest for more answers on this subject. It asks questions like: How do dreams that we receive when we are asleep help us in our waking lives? If we tap into these dreams and allow ourselves to be completely open to whatever may come we might just open up to pure insight and intuition. The paper also includes expert opinions on the subject.
According to Frances Vaughn author of Awakening Intuition , Carl Jung believed that dream content did not necessarily conceal or disguise psychological truth, but actually revealed it. Jung felt that dreams could reveal hidden conflict or problems, or point the way to an unrecognized possibility of future development. (Vaughn, 1979). I believe this to be true because I feel that all dreams are creative and that dreams are our most intuitive resource for understanding and unfolding the mind. Many people work out business deals in their sleep. Many others such as painters, sculptors and musicians etc… can create artwork while sleeping. And some can even go to bed with their problems and after waking up they realize the problems have been solved while they were sleeping. I would like learn to do this by becoming more open to my own intuition. This sounds like a positive way of growing, a way to self-discovery, and a path to higher learning, and self-growth.
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