Physiology Student’s Name Institutional affiliation Instructor’s name: Dreams and meditation 1. Freud and his Interpretation of dreams Brief description of my dream I recently had a dream Just after a few days of attending driving lessons in the driving school had recently enrolled in. I had not practiced drlvlng before since I was still not well nourished with the relevant skills which I was yet to learn. On realizing that it might take quite some time before I enjoyed driving on myself, I tiptoed on the desk of our teacher and successfully secured his bunch of keys keeping in mind that his Mercedes Benz personal car key was in it.

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Within no time, I excused myself for a short call but made a bee line to his reserved car parking. The next move found myself making was starting the luxurious car and making a slow movement toward the nearby superhighway. A very big problem arose when I tried to give way to the speeding lorry that was continuously hooting and I thought it was a request for enough space to overtake me. I started shaking very much such that I lost control and made an emergency stop. The car stopped and by bad luck. there was the highway patrol police who had noticed what I did.

The rush to my place and requested for the driving license. This is what made me end up in the police station for the first time In my life. Freudian Interpretation of the dream Manifest content of the dream The dream is taking place in an environment which am very new to. Even though I have not yet mastered the theoretical part of driving, I am very anxious to drive finding my way driving my teacher’s car in the superhighway and finally ends up being caught by the police. It is very clear that I have violated all the traffic rules.

Latent content of the dream The reality that exists in our life is that we have to be led before we make our own oves. Being in a driving school would in this

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case symbolize the basic content about life that I should have first learnt from my teacher, both parents and friend. There is also the key which refer to the step by step life training that I should strictly listen to and never rush to do as they might make me end up suffering in my future. The vehicle refers to both my personal concerns of life together with those of others.

It would mean that I should balance my egocentric behavior with the general concern of the society; otherwise I may end up in trouble. Impression and controversy in my ream It is good that I should accept being taught by my elders first and hence avoid rushing into actions without identifying the risk ahead. 2. Meditation The meditation that I have practiced is sitting on my legs in a relaxed position and clearing my mind. This act is in fact very enjoyable and a very good way of getting myself relieved from all the tiredness I had throughout the day. it seems very helpful to me as it is a very silent method which also assures privacy.

I am also able to practice it anywhere, anytime that I fill I need it (Lahey, 2012). Advantage of meditation in my life This is a very wonderful method of relieving myself from the day to day activities and it is free. Benefits can be felt in Just one session. It can relieve short term stress and can help in improving my health condition in the long run. It is very amazing and effective ways of making my mind relax (Hall, 2010). Meditation as part of Americans wellness routine Many Americans do not use it simply because it requires a lot of patience during practice.

It also require frequent practice meaning more free time is needed by those willing to practice it. PART II 1 . Studies of both monozygotic and dizygotic twins. Simply, monozygotic (identical) twins arises when a single female fertilized egg splits in to two while dizygotic twins(fraternal) are as a result of two separate female eggs getting fertilized. The research shows that identical twins share almost all their genes unlike fraternal twins who only share half of their genes. There are various assumptions which are made during the twin studies.

These assumptions are; people choose partners who are different from them but who shares a particular character, both monozygotic and dizygotic twins are brought up in similar environment which have effect on twins behaviors (Lahey, 2012). Application of twin studies to modern psychology. Twin studies explain how characters and behaviors are affected by heredity and environment. These influence the people’s ways of doing things and reactions to various issues like elaborating how people select their partners by considering factors like intelligence levels.

Through the twin studies psychologists are able to determine how different environments affect the behaviors and characters of the twins. The makes it easy to explain why people from different regions behaves Genes, Chromosomes, and DNA DNA is an abbreviation of Deoxyribonucleic acid which simply refers to chemical that elps in carrying out instructions and giving information about a cell like protein production, cell’s life, its purpose and its death. On the other hand Genes are small units of DNA which contains set of instructions for a particular function.

It determines characters which can be passed from parents to children. Finally Chromosomes are organized chains of DNA which are coiled to form thread like pieces in a cell (Burton, 2007). Application in modern psychology Through study of genes and chromosomes, psychologists determine how characters are transmitted from parents to children which later determines their behaviors and haracters. Genes also determines our physical outlook and psychological traits in reference to our parents, that is; how a child develops.

Child development reflects the choices that a child makes in his or her life that determines the child’s future. DNA study also assists in explaining why a child resembles their either parent which is of great assistance in the field of psychology. Visual illusions Visual illusions are the ways we perceive things but the perception is totally different from the reality or the truth of the matter. Sometimes people believe in certain things in their lives which are far from reality. These perceptions influence their actions and behaviors when dealing with certain issues in their day to day life.

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