Dreams Of Grandeur

2 February 2019

Dreams of Grandeur by Jamie Lynn A., Elmhurst, NY The sky was a dazzling sapphire blue. The air was clean and fresh, unusual for New York City. There was a cool morning breeze on this first day of summer. The day couldn’t be more perfect. I was surrounded by my family and friends, the people who mattered the most to me. In my crisp, white gown, I held onto my cap and followed the sea of green and white. It would soon be my turn. I approached the stage with care. Cameras flashed all around as I stepped onto the stage. At the other end, I saw it there waiting for me. I shook some hands, took in all the smiling faces and walked across the stage. Now it was within reach. I heard a “Congratulations” as a roll of cream white paper, tied with a crimson ribbon, was held out to me. I murmured a “Thank you” and took it in my trembling hands. I continued off the stage, staring in disbelief at the paper for which I had waited my whole life. As I was walking, a woman with a microphone stopped me. “Jamie Lynn Andres, you’ve just graduated from high school. What are you going to do now?” Without hesitation, I answered her. “I’m going to college!” I awoke with a start. Whoops! There I go again. I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer. When you’re the shy, quiet girl who tends to go unnoticed, dreams are what keep you going. Where else can I travel the world in just days? Where else can I be a famous rock star? Where else can I have a perfect graduation day in New York City? It’s just like the song says, “Only in my dreams.” Of course I know it doesn’t have to be that way. Dreams do become reality. I just have to make them happen. But there are a few things I have to do first. At the top of my list is college. When I’m finally ready, I will turn my dreams into my future. Right now, though, I have something to say to all those people who told me to dream on. Guess what? I will.

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