Dress For Success

6 June 2016

Maria’s Boutiques Philadelphia is a collection of five consignment boutiques located in various locations in the Philadelphia area. This consignment business employs over 210 people and continues to grow on a national scale with more boutiques scheduled to open in several major American cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. It also plans to grow globally by opening more boutiques in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and Australia.

It accepts donations of new and gently used clothing from individuals and apparel manufacturers to satisfy its customers and offers a vast variety of styles for all tastes, preferences, and situations. Thus, it provides women with the opportunity to dress and look their best. It especially caters to women who need to dress well in order to secure employment and make a positive impression in the workplace by selling conservative business attire in addition to attire for special occasions. In addition, it also provides young women the opportunity to purchase prom attire at a reasonable cost as well as beautiful and economical attire for brides and bridesmaids.

At Maria’s Boutiques Philadelphia it is not unusual to find gowns worn by celebrities on the red carpet or professional attire donated by successful businesswomen who want to share their good fortune with deserving women entering the workplace. Maria’s Boutiques Philadelphia continues to grow at a rapid pace and will benefit by promoting its brand by networking and advertising through the sponsorship of a philanthropy such as Dress for Success Philadelphia which is located at 233 N. 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

Maria Tropiano BA 2196 Section 021Professor Teresa Gill Cirillo Writing Assignment #5: Philanthropic Project To: [email protected] From: [email protected] Date: November 22, 2013 Subject: Proposal to support Dress For Success Philadelphia

Dear Ms. Smith, I recommend that Maria’s Boutiques Philadelphia support the Dress for Success Philadelphia philanthropic organization which “is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the economic independence of women who are transitioning into our local workforce by providing professional attire” (dressforsuccess.org). This resonates with the mission of Maria’s Boutiques Philadelphia to offer quality clothing to women of all economic backgrounds. Maria’s Boutiques Philadelphia strives to help women look their very best and present a polished image at work, or in any situation where women need to make a good impression. Both Maria’s Boutiques Philadelphia and Dress for Success share the common goal of “empowering [women] with the self-assurance and self-confidence needed to transition into economic independence” (dressforsuccess.org). Charity Background: Why Dress For Success? (Information obtained from charitynavigator.org and dressforsuccess.org) Nancy Lublin established Dress for Success in 1996.

Dress for Success earned a four out of four star rating on charitynavigator.org website as of 12/2001 Earned a 64 out of 70 transparency score, signifying the high ethical standards of the organization Reports total worth of contributions at $16,222,760 as of 12/2011 Has more than 125 affiliates in the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, France, Luxembourg, and the West Indies What We Can Do

Donate clothing (professional attire, attire for special occasions, ready to wear garments, haute couture attire, and casual attire) to Dress for Success Philadelphia Employees of Maria’s Boutiques Philadelphia can offer fashion advice to Dress For Success Philadelphia clients and volunteer at the charity Maria’s Boutiques Philadelphia can hold a clothing drive where customers who donate can get a discount at our store.

Our seamstresses can volunteer to construct original garments for high-paying clients and donate the money to Dress for Success Philadephia Encourage supermodels, celebrities, and wealthy women as well as clothing companies to empty their closets and donate garments they no longer use so as to open their hearts and share their wealth with Dress For Success Philadelphia Budget

Should include: Monetary wealth of clothes donated (for example, $500 worth of prom gowns, $100 worth of business suits, $500 worth of casual attire, etc.) Overtime (for example, 5 employees work 5 extra hours offering fashion advice, estimate overtime costs of $10-15/hour per employee)

Methods of Attracting Employees Offer overtime opportunities to employees who participate Offer prizes, such as free clothing, to employees who participate Emphasize the opportunity to develop and apply fashion knowledge Emphasize the opportunity to develop relationships with fellow employees outside of work How We Will Benefit Company can establish itself among consumers as being community oriented Sales and profits increase Good reputation increases by working with a reputable, successful charity such as Dress For Success Philadelphia Customers and employees awareness increases concerning poverty, unemployment, affordable fashion, sustainability, etc. Establishes a common goal among our employees; increases productivity and efficiency among employees as a result of synergy and working together to achieve a common goal Presents an opportunity to help and attract potential customers and build customer base Maria’s Boutiques Philadelphia would greatly benefit by sponsoring the nonprofit organization Dress for Success Philadelphia.

Both Maria’s Boutiques Philadelphia and Dress for Success Philadelphia will succeed by working together to reach their common goals of providing tasteful, appropriate, and affordable attire for career women entering the workplace in addition to helping teens who need prom gowns, providing brides and bridal parties with beautiful and reasonably priced attire, and appealing to fashionistas who search for haute couture garments at reasonable prices. Dress For Success Philadelphia presents Maria’s Boutiques Philadelphia with a suitable and appropriate opportunity to invest its profits and services so as to help needy and deserving women dress well in these challenging economic times.

Please seriously consider sponsoring this charity as our company will benefit immensely by investing in Dress For Success. Just imagine the happiness that Maria’s Boutiques Philadephia can create by helping women and girls who otherwise could not afford to purchase quality garments for work, for the prom, and for their weddings. Please contact me at 215-545-4064 to arrange a time to meet in order to discuss this philanthropic opportunity in more detail. Sincerely,

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