Dressing Dogs

One day when I was walking down the Stony Point Mall when I saw a good looking lady with a dog that had styled hair, diamond encrusted collar, and a little tee-shirt. I said to the lady, “Wow your dog sure looks all guzzled up.” “I know”, she said “Marshmallow simply loves getting dressed up!” When I looked at Marshmallow, she certainly didn’t look happy.

Some people (mainly rich or famous people) think that dressing dogs makes the dogs feel happy. But in reality, it doesn’t. What people say is that they dress their dogs because they like it. But what really, what owners feel is that they’re dog is some kind of fashion accessory and no one knows (who does that) they fell that way. If your one of those kind of people, tell me: how would you feel being some fashion accessory?

Dressing dogs includes actually dog clothes, fancy collars and leashes, braiding, styled and/or dying hair. People will also train dogs for competitions or dog shows so they will win more money. They will also do it to look fancy when on the streets or parks. But what if dogs don’t want to be to look fancy for his or her owner? What if a dog wants to lick their owners to death? What if they want to play fetch or get someone to rub his belly or wet the floor with excitement.

The fact is a breed dog isn’t better looking than a dog from a shelter. But instead everyone would prefer a dog that was bred, or, if the person isn’t as rich, get a puppy with no disorders. So thanks to people who prefer cute dogs and dressing them, one more dog in the world is put to sleep. It may not sound harmful but if 10,000 decided the bred or puppy in the pound was better than a regular dog, 10,000 of those dogs die. Another fact is three-four million dogs are enthused every year.

But the confusing part is that some dressed-up dogs actually seem to be enjoy being dressed. What happens is if the owner waits too long before actually dressing him or her, he or she will not accept the dressing. If though the dog is dressed at a young age he or she will accept the dressing. This is because a puppy trains himself to love and accept what the owner wants. Although a owner can use force to dress a dog if he or she is too old.

So what if you fell guilty for dressing you dog now and you want your dog to love you the right way? It’s simple, a dog will still love you like a dictator. All you have to do is spend real quality time with your dog. If you don’t own a dog but want one, make sure to try a animal shelter and try to get a dog that needs wants to be your owner even if he has a disorder. Just because a dog is missing a leg doesn’t mean he wont walk up to you.

Wow, Harrison. I notice that you have found a topic you are really passionate about it. I think this is going to be a great essay. I wonder, though, if your topic is really bigger than dressing dogs. I think maybe you are writing about the need to look first at unwanted dogs at the animal shelters, rather than going for a dog or puppy from a breeder. I think that the dressing and competition and being a fashion accessory (which is true of some dogs even if they are not dressed up) all comes under this big idea. What do you think? feel free to write me back.

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