Drinking age

7 July 2016

Young men who barely look old enough to be in the military are fighting for our country and risking their lives everyday. Yet you are going to tell me they can’t open a cold beer after fighting all day in the scorching desert and being a shot at? That is not fair at all. If these men and women are allowed to leave their homes in America for months and even years at a time, have the power to shoot and kill people, go on covert operations, and be put in the line of fire, they rightly deserve to engage in drinking.

If our country thinks that 18 year olds are capable of all of the above, then they should certainly be responsible enough to drink. If you can vote at 18 you should be able to drink. If someone is smart enough to vote than you should be able to consume alcoholic beverages. You are being trusted to make a smart decision and pick the future leaders of America and if you can be trusted there, 18 year olds should be able to drink alcohol. Also, If teenagers were allowed to drink at the age of 18 far less people would be getting in trouble with the law.

Drinking age Essay Example

Since 18 is the age many enter into college, it will be about the time that many take their first sip of alcohol as well. Though there is a fair share of drinking in high school, the consumption of alcohol increases greatly once in college. At the same time, these young adults are getting in trouble with the law by receiving Minor in Posessions or having their fake ID confiscated. By lowering the legal drinking age to 18, most college students would be allowed to drink without the worries of getting caught.

If they are old enough to live on their own and take responsibility for their school career, they should be responsible enough to drink. Though many do wait to take their first sip of alcohol until college, there are still the many teens sneaking drinks into social events and gatherings and there are countless parties that happen on a regular basis. They know the risk of getting caught, they know what their consequences will be, so why do they do it? It’s fun, and it’s exciting!

It’s the rush of doing something they are not supposed to be doing. If it was made legal, there wouldn’t be quite as much excitement and thrill. Also by the time they finish college, these young adults would not feel the need to do it as much and go out since they will have been drinking for quite a few years, which will allow them to focus more on their school work and not become consumed by alcohol. If the drinking age is lowered to 18 there would be a higher demand for alcohol.

There would be jobs created in brewing, bottling, and shipping factories and companies. There would be more business in bars and clubs, and there would be more sales, which means more tax money for things like schools and roads. Alcohol can be dangerous if taken irresponsible and in excess. It really doesn’t rely on age for safe drinking, but the maturity level of a person. Since we have to have legal drinking age, it should be 18, the age of adulthood in the United States of America.

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