Drinking and Driving

6 June 2016

Drinking and Driving

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Drinking and driving is an illegal act that is wrong on multiple levels. It violates a moral and ethical code. In a society that has the morals of a brothel where it is better to joke with your buddies about getting wasted on the weekends or how much more drinking you did compared to your buddy. We forget that simply talking in this manner sends out a message that we condone the act of drinking without moderation.

When you condone the act of drinking without moderation then you condone making mistakes with out even saying so. It probably would not surprise you to know that between 60% and 80% of drivers with suspended licenses continue to drive. The social implication from this study are that the high-risk population mentioned above cannot be trusted abstain from driving when legally impaired. I believe this be deplorable as a society and to think that a good portion of these people mentioned are probably military. This is an even sadder fact in and of itself. I blame a number of reasons for the number of drunk driving accidents or fatalities in this country.

I blame the government both state and federal for not making harsher laws concerning the punishment for these crimes. I blame the friends and family members of the people who commit this heinous act. I blame the beer and alcohol companies and last but definitely not least I blame the individual who decides to get behind the wheel after having any number of drinks weather it is one or one hundred. My parents always said do not work harder to find flaws than you do to find solutions. I am a believer in the smart mistakes and dumb mistakes.

Drinking and driving is one of the all time dumbest mistakes. I believe that when you have access to television which airs no drinking and driving commercials all the times, and you pass billboards on the street that say do not drink an drive and numerous school resources that you have no excuse to go out and do it. If you decide to drink and drive and you get caught then there should be no three strikes, no fines.

I believe your car should be impounded immediately upon verifying that you were above the legal limit, whatever it may be. Your license should be suspended indefinitely; there would be no court fees, no reinstatement fees, no wasting tax money on sending a person to jail. However the jail sentence would vary depending on if you hurt or killed someone. There are certain things where you should not get a second chance in life. We make you wait until you are 16 to get a drivers license because the government is trusting that you are mature enough at that age to be trusted behind the wheel of a vehicle. If you misplace that trust by drinking and driving you do not deserve a second chance because God forbid that you kill some one then they are not going to get a second chance so why should you. I also believe that if you drink and drive and kill another human being through a direct result of being intoxicated and behind the wheel of a motor vehicle then you should receive the death penalty.

These are a few changes that I feel the government should make. I believe as a family member of a person who consumes alcohol that it is your responsibility to ensure that they do not make stupid decisions. You may not know the moment they leave the house or get behind the wheel but at some point in your relationship you had the ability to stop it from progressing. If you are a friend, battle buddy, brother or sister, mom, dad, etc. and you get into the vehicle with someone that has been drinking. You are responsible for what that person does behind the wheel of the care. If you can’t get the keys from that person then you simply get out of the vehicle and call the police. If you don’t have the integrity to simply pick up your smart phone and call the police and report them then maybe society should reevaluate the amount of trust it puts into you as well as the people you hang around. I often hear the excuse that “oh he was family, I did not want him to go to jail!”

So you would rather have him go to jail for life or risk him killing someone than simply get detained until the situation is under control. Ultimately I believe in the old saying I am my brothers keeper. Society is failing the youth population in long run by being as lenient as we are on drunk driving. While we spend millions of dollars on drunk driving campaigns we should be spending more time cracking down on people who drink and drive. We should be making examples out of them. My father went to prison for five years of his adult life because he made a decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. He was going through a period of troubled times in his life and instead of seeking the proper help he decided to turn to drinking.

He rear-ended a ninety-year-old man who died on the way to the hospital. The authorities said that the old man would not have survived a trip to the hospital because of his age. We have to live with the lives we have taken in combat and those lives hopefully are only a few but they should always be justified. The life my father chose to take was unjustified. It doesn’t matter if that man was going to die crossing the street the next day, he deserved that chance of survival and my dad robbed him of that. My dad doesn’t speak of it or his time In prison but he has to live with his decision every day of his life.

I did not format this paper in any particular way such as APA, etc.. I did not site my sources for the statistical information I provided. In closing I wish everyone would understand the importance of being smart enough to not drink and drive. It is an irresponsible choice that shows a lack of discipline. I have no patience for people who chose to break the rules that they have the ability to follow.

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